Norton Internet Security 2011 Ads Starring Dolph Lundgren and David Hasselhoff Are Brilliant
Article by George Norman
On 14 Sep 2010
As you may already know Symantec, company that specializes in providing antivirus, antispyware, and internet security software solutions, recently released its 2011 range of security software solutions - Norton AntiVirus 2011 and Norton Internet Security 2011. Symantec’s products are now faster, easier to use, and offer more protection than aver before.

To accompany the release of Norton Internet Security 2011, Symantec has launched two interactive ads that had me laughing my ass off. The first commercial features Dolph Lundgren, dressed as if he just walked off the set of “The Expendables.” Opposite him we see a lovely, cutesy unicorn. In the ad the unicorn is your online back account – Dolph Lundgren is a cyber criminal.


The only thing that stands between the cyber criminal and your online back account is Norton Internet Security. You are offered a choice: will you allow the cyber criminal to access your online banking account, or will you deny him access to your account. Click the image below to view the ad and make your choice (you will be redirected to – check out the YouTube links at the bottom if you would rather view the ad on the Google-owned video sharing site).

The second commercial features David Hasselhoff opposite an oscillating fan. In the ad the oscialting fan is your computer password – David Hasselhoff is a cyber criminal who does not like the osciallting fan because it “musses the Hoff’s hair. Norton Internet Security is the only one who stands between your password and the Hoff having his way with your password. Will you allow or deny? Click the image below to view the ad and make your choice ((you will be redirected to – check out the YouTube links at the bottom if you would rather view the ad on the Google-owned video sharing site)

The videos are also available on YouTube. Click the images below to view them.

Dolph Lundgren vs. Unicorn – Allow

Dolph Lundgren vs. Unicorn – Deny

The Hoff vs. Oscillating fan – Allow

The Hoff vs. Oscillating fan – Deny

If you don’t know what Norton Internet Security has to offer for 2011, here’s the lowdown.

A new interface
For the 2011 range of products Symantec has changed the user interface (UI) to make it more user-friendly. From the UI the user can easily access security controls and settings and can easily view information about the computer’s protection and performance status. The UI also provides one-click access to web services such as Norton Online Backup, Norton Online Family and Norton Safe Web (only Norton Online Backup and Norton Activity Map for Norton Antivirus).

The interface comes with a new feature called Norton Protection Map. This feature provides the user with up-to-the minute information about the newest threats Norton has identified

Here’s how the new interface of Norton Internet Security looks like.

Enhanced protection
To offer excellent protection against all sorts of threats, Norton Internet Security 2011 (as well as Norton AntiVirus 2011) comes with several advanced features. The following ones:
  • Reputation based technology – rapidly stops new malicious programs by instantly checking when and where the programs originate from. Informs the user if his download behavior is risky or not by comparing it to that of the 58 million Norton Community Watch members.
  • System Insight 2.0 – all running applications are monitored to identify if any is overusing system resources and thus causing the computer to act sluggish. Automatically takes actions to improve computer performance.
  • Download Insight 2.0 – checks every file the user downloads for threats. It is a very aggressive reputation-based protection technology.
  • SONAR 3 – protects against new and emerging threats; detects suspicious software based on its behavior. Can automatically respond to any threat it detects, without bothering the user.
  • Norton Bootable Recovery Tool – when the system is deeply infected, this tool allows the user to boot a PC into a safe state.

Top performance
According to Symantec Norton Internet Security installs in 41 seconds, scans 61% faster than the competitive average, and performs 65% better than the competitive average of PassMark scores. Compared to the 2010 version, Norton Internet Security 2011 reduced the impact on copying files by more than 60% and had 25%less impact on surfing the web.

Free Tools
For 2011 Symantec has several free tools to offer. “Because any infected machine poses a risk to the broader online community, Norton is offering powerful free tools for consumers, regardless of the security solution they use to provide all computer users with a deeper level of protection. While these tools are available to everyone, Norton customers benefit from the fact that they are already integrated into the 2011 product experience,” explained Symantec in a press release .

Symantec offers the following free tools:
  • Norton Power Eraser – available for download free of charge from the web, or as a link within Norton Internet Security 2011 and Norton Antivirus 2011, Norton Power Eraser is a tool specifically designed to eliminated security threats, fake antivirus and scareware programs in particular.
  • Norton Safe Web Lite – a browser toolbar that checks if the website you want to visit is dangerous or not.
  • Norton Safe Web for Facebook – searches for unsafe links within Facebook news feeds.
  • Norton Online Family – a tool meant for the parent who wants his kids to stay safe online.

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Norton Internet Security 2011 Ads Starring Dolph Lundgren and David Hasselhoff Are Brilliant
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