Nintendo's Top 3 Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
Article by George Norman
On 10 Apr 2017
Gone are the days when Nintendo couldn’t care less about iOS or Android and focused exclusively on its own devices. The renowned Japanese video game company has learned to embrace Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems, and it has rolled out several mobile apps to the public.

Not many apps... but enough so that I could write this article.


1. Miitomo

Miitomo, a social experience app that promises to spark one-of-a kind conversations with friends, needs to be on this list for a very simple reason: the fact that it is Nintendo’s very first mobile app for iOS and Android.

"With Miitomo, Nintendo takes its first step into the world of smart devices. Miitomo brings the special Nintendo charm and polish that people around the world love to an entirely new format and audience," said Scott Moffitt, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing with Nintendo of America, back in March 2016 when the app was released in the US and a handful of other countries.

Miitomo works something like this. First, you get to create a custom Mii character. Once you’re done with that, the character will ask you a question – something you’d never think to ask yourself, according to Nintendo. Answer your Mii’s question and the answer will be shared with your friends. They’ll be able to join in the conversation and you might uncover some interesting and unexpected things about them.

"Miitomo is a uniquely entertaining mobile experience that only Nintendo can deliver," said Scott Moffitt. "Featuring Mii characters, users will be able to interact with their friends in an entirely new way that transforms communication into a form of play."

Miitomo – Main Features
  • Create a custom Mii character that can be extensively customized.
  • Customize your Mii’s room with tons of wallpaper and flooring styles.
  • Show off your stylish outfits and let Miitomo users all over the world admire your creations.
  • Exchange messages with your friends using Mii characters as messengers.
  • Answer global questions and see answers from all over the world.
  • Create images called Miifotos.
  • Win prizes from Miitomo Drop.

Miitomo is available as a free app (with in-app purchases) on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Learn more about Miitomo on its official website.

2. Fire Emblem Heroes

2017 started with an awesome surprise for fans of the Fire Emblem tactical role-playing video game franchise. Mid-January, Nintendo announced that multiple Fire Emblem games are in development, including a mobile game for iOS and Android – Fire Emblem Heroes.

"Fire Emblem Heroes is an original strategy RPG about two warring kingdoms in a bitter clash," Nintendo explained in a press release. The two kingdoms in question are the Emblian Empire, which wishes to rule all worlds, and the Askran Kingdom, which stands in its way.

"As a summoner, players build their army by calling upon popular Fire Emblem heroes from worlds that span the breadth of the series," Nintendo continued. "Players will wage tactical battles streamlined for on-the-go play and level up a mix of new combatants and legendary heroes. Some familiar hero characters will become allies, while others will become enemy generals. Players can enjoy the full majesty of tactical role playing on bite-sized maps designed to fit nicely on a smartphone screen, even when playing in short bursts."

Fire Emblem Heroes – Main Features
  • Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go gameplay.
  • Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe.
  • Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to new heights.
  • Play through the main story and try several other game modes.
  • The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series and a few brand-new Heroes created by artist Yusuke Kozaki.

Fire Emblem Heroes is available as a free app (with in-app purchases) on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Learn more about Fire Emblem Heroes on its official website.

3. Super Mario Run

At Apple’s iPhone 7 event which took place in September 2016, Nintendo unveiled Super Mario Run, a side-scrolling, auto-runner platformer video game based on none other than Mario. It took until December 2016 for the game to make it on Apple’s App Store and until March 2017 for the game to make it onto Google Play.

Super Mario Run has been designed so you can easily play it with just one hand. In World Tour, one of 3 available game modes, Mario constantly runs forward. What you have to do is tap the screen to get Mario to jump over obstacles and enemies. Tap once to jump, tap & hold to jump higher.

“We have created Super Mario Run to be perfect for playing on your iPhone,” said Mr. Miyamoto, who first devised the Mario character more than 35 years ago. “Super Mario has evolved whenever he has encountered a new platform, and for the first time ever, players will be able to enjoy a full-fledged Super Mario game with just one hand, giving them the freedom to play while riding the subway or my favorite, eating a hamburger.”

Alongside World Tour, Super Mario Run features a Toad Rally and a Kingdom Builder game mode. In Toad Rally you have to compete against and challenge "ghost" versions of people from all over the world (similar to the time attack modes in Mario Kart). And in Kingdom Builder you get to create your unique Mushroom Kingdom with buildings and decorations that you purchase with coins.

Super Mario Run – Main Features
  • World Tour – run and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches.
  • Toad Rally – show off Mario’s stylish moves, compete against your friends, and challenge people from all over the world.
  • Kingdom Builder – gather coins and Toads to build your very own kingdom.

Super Mario Run is available as a demo on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. To have full access to Super Mario Run’s 3 game modes, you need to pay $9.99.

Learn more about Super Mario Run on its official website.

Honorable mention – Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

So you bought Junior a Nintendo Switch console and now you want to make sure that he’s playing age-appropriate games and not spending too much time playing games. To help put your worries to rest, Nintendo came up with the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app which lets you monitor play time, see what kind of games your child is playing, and restrict access to certain functions.

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Learn more about Nintendo Switch Parental Controls on its official website.

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Nintendo's Top 3 Mobile Apps for iOS and Android
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