Macs More Appealing than PCs, To Thieves
Article by George Norman
On 27 Jan 2010
Regular people are attracted to Macs because they look and work well. If you do decide to get a Mac you will feel a bit more protected – mainly because there are quite a fewer security threats targeting Macs than PCs. With all the focus on protecting your data and keeping malware at bay, you might forget about one thing: old fashion thieves.

In this time of economic hardship thieves look to Apple’s products simply because they are more expensive. A Mac costs quite a bit more than a PC, so in the eyes of a thief, going after a Mac is the obvious choice. In the eyes of the law, burglary is burglary. You’ll get the same punishment no matter what you steal. So if you’re going to steal something, you might as well go for the good stuff.


“In this day of high tech international data theft, sometimes we forget that all of the old school attacks are still out there. Apple purchasers may be at more risk because of the high dollar value of Apple computers compared to PCs. If I go to a store to buy a PC, it is quite possible I will walk out with a computer worth $400 or less. If I buy a Mac, it is almost certainly going to cost much more than that. The resale value will make a Mac a much more attractive target and the bad guys know this,” explained Director of Technical Education with Eset, Randy Abrams.

As a rule of thumb, do not leave any valuables someplace where they can easily be snatched – like for example in your car. And you might want to check your back when you exit an Apple Store after having purchased something of value. Earlier this month it came to light that a group of thieves staked out Apple Stores and followed shoppers who bought a Mac. The shopper would drive to another shop or to a parking location near their home. If the shopper left the Mac in the car, the thieves would strike. More than 100 people in LA had their valuables stolen this way.

“Cars remain a very bad place to store valuables. Most all portable computers, Macs included, have a slot for a Kensington style lock. I recommend buying one and using it religiously. When I am at a conference with 100 people I trust, I still lock my computer if I have to leave it unattended. I may trust the people I am with, but that doesn’t mean someone untrusted can’t get in. In general, it is a bad idea to leave anything expensive in your car. Go home and secure the item. If you must stop for something and the item is portable then carry it with you. If you are leaving home with something valuable then put it in your trunk before anyone can see you,” added Randy Abrams.

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Macs More Appealing than PCs, To Thieves
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