Mac OS X: Firefox 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts
Article by George Norman
On 02 Mar 2009
Keyboard shortcuts are not only for those of us that spend all day long in front of a computer monitor and want to get things done as fast as possible – they are meant for every user, as long as they are willing to accept the fact that pressing a few keyboards is faster than visually locating an item and clicking on it. Keyboard shortcuts will also come in handy in those odd but plausible moments when your mouse runs out of juice, gets misplaced (wireless and cordless mice), or when your little one decides to use it as a plaything.

First of all I would like to draw your attention of previous keyboard shortcuts articles that we’ve featured here in FindMySoft. From a chronological point of view we first featured the Firefox keyboard shortcuts for Windows users, the Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 new keyboard shortcuts, the most useful Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts for people switching over from Microsoft and Windows, and last but not least, how to zoom in/out and disable site specific zoom in the Mozilla Foundation developed web browser.


Here is a list of Firefox keyboard shortcuts to employ on your Mac OS X powered machine:
- Cmd + [ or Cmd + left arrow or Delete to go back one page.
- Cmd + ] or Cmd + right arrow or Shift + Delete to go forward.
- To go to your home page simply press Opt + Home.
- Reload a web page by pressing F5 or Cmd + R. To override cache reload press Cmd + Shift + R.
- To zoom in press Cmd + + (plus sign); to zoom out press Cmd + - (minus sign). Cmd + 0 (zero) will reset the zoom level.
- Cmd + C to copy; Cmd + V to paste; Cmd + X to cut.
- Cmd + Z to undo a change; Cmd + Shift + Z to redo a change.
- Cmd + F displays the find feature. Type in a word or phrase and Firefox will automatically look for it on the web page you are visiting. To find again, press F3 or Cmd + G; to find previous press / (slash).
- Cmd + T to open a new tab; Cmd + N to open a new window.
- Cmd + W to close a tab, Cmd + Shift + W to close a window.
- You can switch open tabs between them with Cmd + Left or Up arrow and Cmd + Right or Down arrow. Press Cmd + Home to move a tab to beginning; Cmd + End to achieve the opposite effect. You can move from one tab to another with Ctrl + Tab or Cmd + Opt + right arrow or Cmd + } or Ctrl + Page Down – this will take you to the next tab. To get to the previous tab you could use Ctrl + Shift + Tab or Cmd + Opt + Left Arrow or Cmd + { or Ctrl + Page Up. To jump directly to a particular tab, press Cmd + number 1 to 8. To jump to the last tab press Cmd + 9.
- If you accidentally closed a tab, you can unclose it with Cmd + Shift + T.
- Bookmark a page with Cmd + D; access the bookmarks menu with Cmd + B.
- Cmd + Shift + Del to erase your private data.

Please note that I’ve not listed all the possible Firefox keyboard shortcuts; I’ve skimmed through them and picked the most useful ones.

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Mac OS X: Firefox 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts
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