Linux Mint 6 RC1 Gets Two Thumbs Up, Still Waiting on Felicia Final
Article by George Norman
On 02 Dec 2008
About a month ago we were reporting that the release candidate of Linux Mint 6, codename Felicia, was released to the general public. As it turns out, the users put Felicia RC to the test, liked it (a lot), and were expecting the final release on the 23rd of November – which never came out. Clem Lefebvre has now come out and explained to Linux fans all over the world why that is.

“I was away for two weeks in Florida (great country by the way, I had never been to the US before) and I only got back last week. Then something came up and we got an opportunity to move closer to where our house will be built in the future, so I’m now moving house and I’m looking at between 1 and 2 weeks without an Internet connection. We’re now in December and Linux Mint traditionally release in the end of November, so although we don’t stick to a fixed schedule we’re considering ourselves a bit late,” says the lead developer of Linux Mint.


In layman’s terms, Lefebvre had some personal business to deal with and this took its toll on the Linux Mint 6 development process. We are not to blame him for letting us wait; keep in mind that the development team behind Felicia is not made up of full-time employees, but by passionate programmers that do this in their spare time. It is all about priorities – family comes first, software comes second.

The good news (better make that great news) is that Linux Mint 6 RC turned out to be so good that you may not need to upgrade when the final version comes out. According to Clem Lefebvre, the differences between the two software versions may be so little that you could just as well keep on using the release candidate. With Linux Mint 6 final, the team will add Wubi support and fix a few bugs.

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Linux Mint 6 RC1 Gets Two Thumbs Up, Still Waiting on Felicia Final
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