LimeWire Pays Millions to Settle Suit
Article by George Norman
On 16 May 2011
LimeWire has paid millions to settle a lawsuit filed against it in August 2006 by thirteen record labels who claimed that LimeWire was “devoted essentially to the internet piracy” of music. And more to the point, LimeWire paid a grand total of $105 million to settle the suit out-of-court.

The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) was more than content with the outcome of the suit. Mitch Bainwol, RIA Chief Executive Officer, said that settlement gives the entire music community something to celebrate. Here are few other things Bainwol said:

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"We are pleased to have reached a large monetary settlement following the court’s finding both LimeWire and its founder Mark Gorton personally liable for copyright infringement. As the court heard during the last two weeks, LimeWire wreaked enormous damage on the music community, helping contribute to thousands of lost jobs and fewer opportunities for aspiring artists."

"The resolution of this case is another milestone in the continuing evolution of online music to a legitimate marketplace that appropriately rewards creators. This hard fought victory is reason for celebration by the entire music community, its fans and the legal services that play by the rules.”

Back in the autumn of 2010, the RIAA got the United States District Court Southern District of New York to shut down LimeWire, the popular peer-to-peer file-sharing client for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Federal district court Judge Kimba Wood issued an order in which LimeWire was asked to stop distributing the LimeWire software.

The order came after the RIAA filled a lawsuit against LimeWire, claiming that LimeWire “intentionally encouraged infringement” by LimeWire users, that LimeWire is used “overwhelmingly for infringement”, that LimeWire knew about the “substantial infringement being committed” by its users, and that LimeWire’s business model depends on mass copyright infringements.

The settlement follows the court’s decision to shut down LimeWire.

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LimeWire Pays Millions to Settle Suit
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