Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Player in Windows 7
Article by George Norman
On 18 Jun 2009
In the next iteration of the Windows operating system, mainly Windows 7, the Windows Media Player comes with several enhancements: internet Radio playback, camera and camcorder video digital support, a new Now Playing view, unplayable content filtering, CD or DVD playback resuming, improved Jump List and a simple way to access the advanced settings. It is no mystery that Windows Media Center in Windows 7 comes with tons of goodies; what is a mystery (potentially) to some of you is how you can easily and rapidly access those goodies.

Ever since the operating system was in Beta, it came with numerous new keyboard shortcuts (details here), which was a great treat for the tech savvy PC user out there that rarely touches the mouse in his day-to-day computer usage. The Windows Media Player comes with its own long list of keyboard shortcuts that you can try out and Microsoft wants to make sure everyone knows what these keyboard shortcuts are.


Windows 7 Media Player keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + 1 - Switches to library mode
Ctrl + 2 - Switches to skin mode
Ctrl + 3 - Switches to player mode
Ctrl + 7 - Add to Play
Ctrl + 8 - Add to Burn
Ctrl + 9 - Add to Sync
Ctrl + A - Selects everything in a list
Ctrl + B - Previous item or previous chapter
Ctrl + E - Focus on Search text box and switch to library mode if not there
Ctrl + F - Next item or next chapter
Ctrl + H - Turn on/off shuffle mode
Ctrl + J - Eject
Ctrl + M - Toggle menu bar in library
Ctrl + N - Create playlist
Ctrl + O - Shows Open Dialog
Ctrl + P - Play/Pause toggle
Ctrl + Q - Add selected track to open list
Ctrl + S - Stops Playback
Ctrl + T - Turn on/off repeat mode
Ctrl + U - Shows Open URL Dialog
Ctrl + W - Stops playback
Ctrl + Shift + B - Rewinds playing content
Ctrl + Shift + C - Caption On/Off Toggle
Ctrl + Shift + F - Fast forwards playing content
Ctrl + Shift + G - Play Speed Fast
Ctrl + Shift + N - Play Speed Normal
Ctrl + Shift + S - Play Speed Slow
Ctrl + Right Arrow (focus not on Seek Bar) - Next playlist in playlist history
Ctrl + Left Arrow (focus not on Seek Bar) - Previous playlist in playlist history
Ctrl + Right Arrow (focus on Seek Bar) - Skip forward (large increment)
Ctrl + Left Arrow (focus on Seek Bar) - Skip backward (large increment)
Shift + Right Arrow (focus on Seek Bar) - Skip forward (small increment)
Shift + Left Arrow (focus on Seek Bar) - Skip backward (small increment)
Right Arrow (focus on Seek Bar) - Skip forward
Left Arrow(focus on Seek Bar) - Skip backward
Ctrl + Click - Resize player to image
Escape (full screen mode) - Return to Now Playing
F1 - Help
F2 - Edit meta data column
F4 - Switch view mode in library mode
F5 - Refresh screen
F6 - Increases album art
Shift + F6- Decreases album art
F7 - Mutes sound
F8 - Decrease sound volume
F9 - Increases sound volume
F10 - Show menu bar in library
Shift + F10 - Context menu shortcut
Alt + 1 - Video Size 50%
Alt + 2 - Video Size 100%
Alt + 3 - Video Size 200%
Alt + Enter - Full Screen Toggle

In related news, Windows 7 also allows you to create a new folder via the Ctrl + Shift + N keyboard shortcut.

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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Player in Windows 7
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