Keep a Record of your Life with iDailyDiary 3.51
Article by George Norman
On 14 Nov 2008
iDailyDiary 3.51 is a free piece of software from Splinterware Software solutions which weighs in at a little over 4MB and will come in handy when you want to perform actions such as taking daily notes, put a journal together, or simply note down whatever goes through your head. Since expressing yourself in writing is not as simple as it may look at first glance, Splinterware has fitted the iDailyDiary with graphics, Hypertext links and URLs. There is also a search option that will ensure you never lose track of your data.

What does the iDailyDiary 3.51 has working in its favor? There is a long list of features that will certainly catch your eye: it works on any Windows-based operating system, you are not restricted to one “page” per day, the text content ca be accompanied by emoticon-style graphics, pictures, links to web pages or to other diary pages, you can export the pages in HTML code and thus set up your personal web page. Did I mention that iDailyDiary has language support for a queue of languages? Apart from English, there is support for French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese and even Turkish.


A diary is useless unless it is able to provide you with one simple thing: privacy. Some things you will want to share with the world, otherwise what is the point of the HTML export feature? Other things you will want to keep for yourself, and this is where the iDailyDiary’s security features come in: the data you feed the software is protected on two levels. First of all the data is encrypted, and then it is password protected. To my mind this beats hiding your diary under your mattress by miles.

iDailyDiary 3.51 is available for download here. If you have never used the software before, simply download and install it on your machine as you would any other piece of software. If you still have older versions of the software running on your system, updating will not cause you to lose any saved data. Simply install the 3.51 version on top of your current version.

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Keep a Record of your Life with iDailyDiary 3.51
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