Japan to Get Edited Version of Fallout 3
Article by George Norman
On 13 Nov 2008
While the rest of the world (including us at FindMySoft) is busy playing Fallout 3, the gamers from Japan are left waiting. This is because Bethesda Game Studios is determined to make the game culturally correct and consequently is pulling some nuke references in the game. All this editing work will take its toll time wise – Fallout 3 will hit Japan early next month.

“Thankfully Fallout 3 sees nuclear bombs unleash mushroom clouds of pixie dust into the sky which transforms most people into super powered monsters instead of instantly killing them or burning them horribly. Some people get all the luck,” says Graham Clifford, but it seems that all this reference to nuclear weapons and radiation induced death will not go down well in Japan. If you can’t for the love of God figure out why, perhaps I should mention two city names: Nagasaki and Hiroshima.


What exactly will Bethesda take out of the game? The Fat Man nuclear device will be renamed, the option to detonate or defuse said device as part of the Power of the Atom quest will also be removed, and the nuke spewing weapon will either be removed or will be substituted with some other gun. Gore Bags and Ghouls are also said to be removed from the game and the gore level will be toned down a bit.

When Bethesda advertised Fallout 3 in Washington DC, it did so by placing ads in the metro system; these ads depicted a ruined, post-nuclear city. Even though the images of the Washington Monument and the Senate building destroyed by a nuclear explosion were disturbing, the company did not much mind to being called insensible. It seems that all this insensitivity will be put aside if the country has actually been hit with a nuclear device.

We will just have to wait until the 4th of December to see exactly what changes the game will suffer. Until then, happy gaming!

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Japan to Get Edited Version of Fallout 3
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