Halloween Treat: Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition
Article by George Norman
On 27 Oct 2008
According to an official Canonical Ltd. press release, users all over the world will be able to download (for free) Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition starting with the 30th of October, the current year. This means that we are basically just four days away from one of the greatest treats All Hallows Eve could ever bring us. Forget about ghouls, specters and fiendishly delicious candy and focus on downloading Ubuntu 8.10. There is yet another treat: Canonical Ltd. has announced that Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition will drop on the same date.

Jane Silber, COO of Canonical and head of Online Services for Canonical said that “Ubuntu 8.10 sees us lay the groundwork for a radically different, more mobile, desktop computing environment over the next two years. Our rapid release cycle means we can deliver the elements to support this future faster, more fully realised, and more attractively packaged than the traditional OS vendors. Ubuntu 8.10 has many features that sign-post how Linux will provide the drive and innovation in desktop computing.”


If you are itching to give the software a good going over, then you must know that a release candidate version of Ubuntu 8.10 is available for download. According to independent testers, the installation process went very well, in fact better than they were expecting it to run. With the release candidate running so well, it goes without saying that we have high hopes for the final realease.

Here is a quick list of all the goodies that Ubuntu 8.10 will feature: support for 3G devices, the possibility to store it and run it from an USB device, guest sessions, BBC media, and Gnome 2.24. Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition will feature things like Virtual Machine Builder, a complete Java stack, better SATA software RAID support, and directory encryption for when you want your private files to remain private.

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Halloween Treat: Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition
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