Halloween Mac App of the Day
Article by George Norman
On 31 Oct 2008
Since today it is All Hallows Eve, or Halloween for those of you that are not so dramatically inclined, I thought it a good idea to bring a ghoulish Mac application to your attention. Detecting a wireless network or a Bluetooth device is much too simple a job for your Mac; since the spirits are roaming free this time of year, you need some way to detect them, and this is where EMF6742 comes in.

I have to admit that the name is not exactly what you would call an eye-grabber and personally I would have gone for something catchier, like “MacBook Spook Finder 31.10”. But then again, who am I to comment on the decisions of the Department of Supernatural, the developer of the software application. Leaving names aside, let us focus on what the app actually does: it scans your surroundings for supernatural activity. I knew I felt somebody looking at me last night.


The official description goes like this: “EMF6742 allows you to scan for anomalies in electromagnetic fields (EMF) by using your computer's wireless capabilities. Anomalies in EMF can be attributed to spirits in close proximity. The higher the number shown, the more anomalous the EMF”

There are some requirements that must be met, by the machine as well by the user. Your system must be running on Mac OS X 10.5 or later versions; the user must believe in the fantastic powers that the Halloween unleashes upon mere mortals and must not take himself too seriously (a good sense of humor is strongly appreciated). With that said the only thing left is to give this app a try; downloading it is free, and when you are done with it you can always uninstall it. Have a ghoulish Halloween everybody!

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