Groovle: Just Like Google, but with a Personal Touch
Article by George Norman
On 16 Dec 2008
When it comes to search engines (and now to web browsers as well), we all know what Google has to offer. Putting iGoogle aside, the classic Google page is somewhat barren, and some of you might want to add a touch of color to that empty stretch of white space – queue in Groovle, the customizable Google homepage.

Do not get me wrong, I am all about the classic Google homepage and the fact that there are no annoying ads, banners, or any other distractions. It constantly provides simplicity, a limited number of words (28 in total), and a simple search box that will swiftly take you where you need to go. But sometimes one would prefer to be welcomed by a nice smile or some girl’s luscious curves on the homepage when firing up their browser. What Groovle does is it allows you to fill that empty white space with a picture of yourself, your loved ones, an attractive female/male figure, or any other image your heart desires.


If you cannot make up your mind, or would just like to see how it feels to have a personalized Google homepage, Groovle provides you with a selection of animal, celebrities, nature, and space inspired themes. If you would rather put up a personal photo, all you have to do is upload one (just keep it under 1.5 MB) and specify the format in which you would like to see the image (fullscreen, tiled, or framed).

“Groovle - Your GROOVY Google Homepage - was created so people can customize their Internet homepage with images ranging from favorite celebrities or sports teams to more personal images of friends and family etc. Now instead of the lackluster homepage people are accustom to, Groovle gives users the option to add some GROOVE to their homepage,” says Groovle.

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Groovle: Just Like Google, but with a Personal Touch
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