G1 Android Safer Web Browsing with Opera Mini 4.2 Beta and VirusGuard
Article by George Norman
On 25 Nov 2008
Android is the operating system that Google developed for the G1 or Google phone, the OS that went open source a while back and when the first update became available, some of us had to update the Android by force. As of early this week the Opera Mini 4.2 Beta went Android native. Also, if you want to keep your G1 device and its Android operating system safe, VirusGuard is a security solution specifically designed for the device.

Opera made the news with its Mini browser earlier this month, when version 4.2 Beta was launched. At the time, the most noticeable changes the software brought to the table were a bagful of skins and enhanced YouTube video support. Opera fans that own a G1 phone will be jumping through the roof at the opportunity of using their favorite browser with Android.


What can you expect to get by downloading Opera Mini 4.2 Beta and running it on your Android powered G1? All the usual goodies that Opera fans have come to expect from the Norwegian software developer: fast page load, Opera proxy server parsing, loads of browser skins, bookmark sync, full page browsing, and so on.

VirusGuard is a security software solution developed by SMobile that is meant to specifically work on Android powered devices, such as the G1 (more devices running on the Android OS are expected to come out on the future). It will certainly come in handy when you browse the web, especially if you consider all the potential threats and malware infection sources. This is not the first time SMobile tackles the task of protecting smartphone devices with Internet connectivity; its security experience includes having developed security solutions for Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Palm and the recently jailbroken iPhone.

For the time being VirusGuard offers protection for over 400 malware threats, but in the future SMobile says it will also feature spam protection, wipe and backup, and a firewall. Android Market will feature this security solution in the first quarter of 2009. Until then

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G1 Android Safer Web Browsing with Opera Mini 4.2 Beta and VirusGuard
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