Fun Friday Feature: Cry Translator iPhone App
Article by George Norman
On 06 Nov 2009
I remember that some obscure school teacher once told me that speech separates man from beast. Now I always found that reasoning to be somewhat flawed. What about parrots? They can speak – sort of. Or apes that can use sign language to communicate. Going by the “if you cannot talk you’re not human reasoning” could we say that babies are not human? After all, they can’t talk right away, can they?

You cannot talk to a baby; you cannot ask the baby why he’s crying so hard. You can only assume that if he’s been recently fed, then you need to change his diaper. Or you can assume that he’s stressed, or tired, or something else that babies get. All this guess working can be a bit tedious, so the guys at Biloop Technologic came up with an iPhone app that promises to do away with all the guess work.


The app that Biloop Technologic came up with (after 6 years of research) is called Cry Translator. According to its developer’s the app works like this: when the baby starts crying, you launch the app and within 10 seconds you’ll know what your baby wants. During those 10 seconds the app will analyze the baby’s cries, sort the cries in 5 categories, and identify if the baby is hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored. According to the baby’s mood, it will tell the parent what to do to stop him from crying.

“The Cry Translator is an easy to use iPhone app that quickly identifies the five distinct cries made by infants: hungry, sleepy, annoyed, stressed or bored. These five cries are universal to all babies regardless of culture or language. The Cry Translator technology has been tested in Spain and North America with impressive results. Based on the degree of accuracy evidenced in the studies, Biloop Technologies developed an iPhone application for consumer use,” commented Biloop Technologies.

If you would like to learn more about the Cry Translator app, you can visit the official webpage here.
If you would like to purchase the Cry Translator app, you can get it from the App Store here.

Please note that the app’s functionality has not been verified (by us). We cannot guarantee it does what it claims to do. But wouldn’t it be great if it actually identified your baby’s cries?
Spokesperson Lori McKnight says it does work: “There are five distinct cries that have common frequency patterns, regardless of culture or language. A mother learns these over time, but this can help speed up the learning curve, and also help dads and caregivers.”

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Fun Friday Feature: Cry Translator iPhone App
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