For the First Time Ever, Avast 2015 Protects Your Router from Hacker Attacks
Article by George Norman
On 23 Oct 2014
Security company Avast recently rolled out its 2015 line of security products. The exciting thing is that Avast 2015 products, for the first time ever, can protect your home router and network from hacker attacks. Avast 2015 products – Avast Free Antivirus 2015, Avast Internet Security 2015, Avast Premier 2015 – come with a feature called “Home Network Security.” It is the only home-network security tool designed to identify vulnerable home networks. It can detect exposures on your network and it can block hacker attacks on routers and other network devices.

“Security risks have expanded out from the PC to the home network as more devices than ever connect to the Internet via home routers. As a result, home networks have become the hub of personal computing,” said Avast Chief Executive Officer Vince Steckler. “Our research determined that nearly 80% of all home routers in use today are thinly protected by common, easily hacked passwords, making routers an easy entry point to the home network for hackers. Avast 2015 addresses these issues head-on with several important new features.”


More than 220 million people around the world rely on Avast security products to protect their PCs, mobile devices, data, identity and privacy. They can enjoy an even higher level of protection now that Avast rolled out its 2015 line of security products.

Avast Free Antivirus 2015 – Main Features
  • Antivirus protection – intelligent protection against viruses and other threats.
  • Browser Cleanup – the improved Avast Browser Cleanup can get rid of annoying toolbars, add-ons, or plug-ins and reset your browser to its default settings.
  • Smart Scan – one-click scan that detects threats, updates, network security issues, performance problems.
  • Home Network Security – scans for misconfigured Wi-Fi networks, shows weak or default Wi-Fi passwords, finds vulnerable routers, detects compromised Internet connections, detects enabled but not protected IPv6, lists all devices on the network.
People with malicious intent can hack your router’s password and break into your wireless network. Avast Free Antivirus 2015 features Home Network Security, a first-ever home network scanner that will prevent hacker attacks on your router and network. The paid Avast Internet Security 2015 and Avast Premier 2015 also feature the aforementioned Home Network Security. No matter what Avast 2015 product you get, you can rest assured that it will protect your router, wireless devices, and other home network devices from hacker attacks.

Speaking about hacker attacks, they can exploit out-of-date software to break into your computer. This is something that can be easily prevented. Avast Premier 2015 comes with an improved Avast Software Updater, a feature that scans software programs and notifies you when updates or patches are available.

Learn more about Avast’s 2015 security products on the official website.

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For the First Time Ever, Avast 2015 Protects Your Router from Hacker Attacks
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