Following Java 6 Update 11, Sun Releases JavaFX Platform
Article by George Norman
On 04 Dec 2008
As you may remember, yesterday Sun Microsystems updated several of its products, the most prominent of which being JRE 6 (Java Runtime Environment) and JDK (Java Development Kit), which received Update 11. Sun once again makes the headlines, this time by releasing its Java-based platform, JavaFX 1.0. I think a few explanations are in order.

First of all, the question “What is Java?” needs to be addressed. According to Sun Microsystems, this is a family of products one can employ in order to create RIAs (short for Rich Internet Applications) which include “immersive media and content”. The people that stand to benefit the most from JavaFX 1.0 are the designers, web scriptors, and web developers that want a set of tools which will come in handy when coming up with desktop or mobile applications (this is not to say that other platforms such as TVs are excluded).


Senior Director of the Java Platform Group with Sun Microsystems, Octavian Tanase comments: “Our target audience are people that we call creators. With the 1.0 release, we are targeting Web developers, people that are likely going to extend the experience of the Java interface. By 2011, the primary target will be designers, the people who use rich designing tools like Flash.”

The only downside is that the JavaFX 1.0 platform that Sun Microsystems made available to the general public today will only work on desktop-type systems. There will also be a mobile version of the software, just that you will have to wait until the middle of 2009 to get it. Even with this desktop JavaFX version, Sun Microsystems took its precious time – the platform was initially announced about 18 months ago.

If you would like to get more details about JavaFX, or if you would like to get the software itself, please click here.

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Following Java 6 Update 11, Sun Releases JavaFX Platform
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