Five Security Tools that F-Secure Offers for Free
Article by George Norman
On 23 Feb 2016
The nice Finns at F-Secure have several paid security tools to offer. With Freedome, you are safe, invisible and untrackable on the web. With F-Secure Anti-Virus, you’re protected against viruses, spyware and other malware. And with F-Secure Internet Security, you’re protected against a long list of threats.

If you can’t or don’t want to spend money on security software, you don’t have to. F-Secure has several security tools to offer, tools that won’t cost you a thing.


1. F-Secure Online Scanner finds, removes threats from your PC

If your computer is unusually slow, if ads and pop-ups show up out of nowhere, it could mean that your PC has been infected. How can you make sure? Why, by scanning your PC of course. You can do that for free with the aptly named F-Secure Online Scanner. It’s capable of detecting and removing various harmful items you’re your PC, like viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans. It works with any Windows edition and it works even if you have another security software installed on your PC.

F-Secure Online Scanner – Main Features
  • Scans your PC for harmful items.
  • Removes viruses, Trojans, spyware, and malware.
  • Detects the latest threats.
  • Works alongside existing security software.
  • Supports any Windows edition.
Learn more about F-Secure Online Scanner.

2. F-Secure Key generates strong passwords, securely stores your passwords

It’s never a good idea to use weak passwords. And using a strong password over and over again for all your accounts isn’t a good idea either. If you need help to manage your passwords, give F-Secure Key a try. This password manager can create secure passwords, securely store all your passwords, and automatically fill in passwords fields so you can log into your accounts as quickly as possible.

F-Secure Key uses military grade encryption to store your passwords and credentials. You can use this password manager on your PC, on your Mac, and on your iOS or Android.

F-Secure Key – Main Features
  • Generate strong passwords.
  • Store passwords, logins, PIN codes, emails, and more.
  • Strong encryption protects all your stored data.
  • Auto-fill your passwords on log-in pages.
  • Available for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android.
F-Secure Key is available as a Free and as a Premium version. The Premium version does everything that I mentioned above, and it introduces this extra function: use F-Secure Key on any device, using the same master password.

Learn more about F-Secure Key.

3. F-Secure Search helps you avoid dangerous websites

F-Secure Search adds a layer of security on top of Google’s powerful and useful search engine. It uses Google Search to help you find things online, giving every search result a security rating. Thanks to this rating, you know if the search result takes you to a safe website or to a potentially harmful website that you should avoid.

F-Secure Search – Main Features
  • Uses Google to search the web.
  • Gives all search results a safety rating.
  • All communication between you and F‑Secure is encrypted
Learn more about F-Secure Search.

4. F-Secure Booster cleans your PC or Android

F-Secure Booster is a tune-up tool that promises to maximize your device’s performance by: removing all the junk that wastes storage space; closing unnecessary processes that drain the battery; optimizing various system settings; getting the latest software and driver updates; erasing the digital traces you leave behind and securely deleting your files.

“Even though computers and phones are often called smart devices, they do fairly little maintenance on their own, which reduces their effective lifespan significantly”, said F-Secure’s Antero Norkio, Director, Device Security. “Our devices are actually built to be better than ever, and offer more than enough power and features to work for a number of years. But when people notice they don’t work so well after a while, they think it’s time for an upgrade. In reality, they just need a little tune-up to get them purring like new.”

F-Secure Booster, just like F-Secure Key, is available as a Free and as a Premium version. The free version puts the following 2 features at your disposal: clean your device, boost battery life.

F-Secure Booster Free – Main Features
  • Clean your device – finds and removes junk from your Windows PC or Android smartphone.
  • Boost battery life – finds and terminates processes that needlessly use your Android’s battery.
  • Available for Windows and Android.
Learn more about F-Secure Booster.

5. F-Secure AdBlocker blocks ads on your iPhone

F-Secure AdBlocker, which is available for iOS only, works just like its name points out: it detects and blocks ads. By doing this, it allows you to surf faster (the browser won’t waste time on loading ads) and save bandwidth (the browser won’t waste bandwidth loading ads).

F-Secure AdBlocker – Main Features
  • Browse faster by blocking ads.
  • Save bandwidth by blocking ads.
  • Protect yourself from malvertising by blocking ads.
  • Works with any iOS device.
Learn more about F-Secure AdBlocker.

More F-Secure products

See what other security products F-Secure has to offer by visiting its official website.

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Five Security Tools that F-Secure Offers for Free
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