Five Out of Two Hundred Chosen for the Linux Training Scholarship Program
Article by George Norman
On 09 Aug 2011
Back in June The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the growth of Linux, announced that as part of its new Linux Training Scholarship Program, it will select 5 students and developers who cannot attend Linux Foundation training courses but despite this fact show incredible promise in helping to shape the future of Linux, and it will present them with 5 scholarships.

Each of the aforementioned scholarships is worth about $1,000. That amount of money covers the expenses for one course from The Linux Foundation’s course schedule in Linux Development. Some 200 Linux fans showed an interest for the first ever edition of the Linux Training Scholarship Program and submitted for the chance to win one of the 5 scholarships.

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And so we get to the news: the winners of the scholarships have been announced. Below you can see who they are, and you can read a short comment they provided. Here goes:

Karim Allah Ahmed, a graduate of Mansoura University in Egypt. “I believe that by taking Linux Foundation training classes, I can greatly increase my opportunities for securing a job as a Linux kernel software engineer,” said Karim.

Frank Master, former embedded software intern at Broadcom and Google, fourth-year PhD student at UC Davis in electrical and computer engineering/embedded software. “I want to contribute to the community,” said Frank Maker. “Linux is going mobile in a big way, and I want to collaborate on making Linux the best OS in the mobile market. The embedded development training courses offered by The Linux Foundation will help me get there,” said Frank.

Kenneth O’Brie
n, who will begin a PhD program at CASL this fall. CASL is a research lab at University College Dublin; Kenneth’s research will focus on high performance computing on *nix and energy optimization. Here’s what Kenneth had to say: “The Linux Foundation’s Linux kernel internals courses will help further my work on energy optimization while allowing me to contribute towards Linux’s ongoing rise in popularity.”

Arpit Toshniwal, who will soon finish his computer science and engineering degree at Indian Institute of Technology, Rajasthan. “The knowledge I will gain from The Linux Foundation training courses will boost my interest on working on the kernel and help me improve my efficiency in the Linux kernel development process,” he said.

Clarissa Womack
, first-year software engineering student at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia. “I want there to be a wider acknowledgement of Linux as a viable, free, open source operating system to rival Windows and Mac OS X. This is particularly special for me to be awarded this scholarship in the 20th year of Linux, as I turned 21 this year at the end of May,” she said.

If you would like to check out some pictures of the abovementioned scholarship winners, just click here.

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Five Out of Two Hundred Chosen for the Linux Training Scholarship Program
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