Firefox Anniversary Edition Introduces the New Forget Button
Article by George Norman
On 11 Nov 2014
To mark the 10th anniversary of its web browser, Mozilla rolled out Firefox 33.1, a Firefox Anniversary Edition that introduces a new Forget button and a couple more features that will help you protect your privacy.

You can get Firefox 33.1 for Windows and Firefox 33.1 for Mac right here on FindMySoft.
The release notes are available here.


If you’re already using Firefox and the browser did not automatically update itself, you can trigger a manual update from the Help Menu, the About Firefox submenu. When you’re done updating, you will be presented with a “What’s New” guide that will tell you what the anniversary edition of Firefox has to offer.

You will be invited to add the new Forget button to Firefox’s interface. The default location is next to the Home button. But you can always use the Customize function to edit Firefox’s Australis interface and put the Forget button anywhere you want.

This new Forget button, as Mozilla put it, helps you “cover your tracks or escape from sites you don’t trust.” The way I see it, it offers the same kind of functionality as the Clear Recent History function.

You see, you can use the Forget button to forget the last 5 minutes, 2 hours, or 24 hours and to close all tabs and windows, delete recent cookies, delete recent history, and open a new clean window.

Similar functionality is offered by the Clear Recent History function, as you can see from the image below.

I will admit though that is a lot easier to click the Forget button than to access the Clear Recent History function. Thanks to the new Forget button, it’s a lot more convenient to remove your tracks and thus protect your privacy. Speaking of which...

Firefox Anniversary Edition introduces a couple more features that will help you protect your privacy: DuckDuckGo as a pre-installed search option and a New Private Window.

DuckDuckGo is listed among the search engines that you could use to search for info online. DuckDuckGo is all about respecting your privacy. Other search engines store information about you so they can offer personalized search results. DuckDuckGo does not do that. It respects your privacy and stays away from the "filter bubble" of personalized search results.

There’s a new Private Window in Firefox 33.1 that you can use to surf the web safe in the knowledge that Firefox won't keep any browser history, search history, download history, web form history, cookies, or temporary internet files.

Firefox 33.1 also comes with Enhanced Tiles for the New Tab page.

As mentioned above, Firefox 33.1 was rolled because Mozilla is celebrating 10 years of Firefox. The celebration focuses on the fact that Firefox is an independent browser that doesn't answer to industry, shareholder or any other corporate interests.

"10 years ago we built Firefox to give you a choice. The Web was a monoculture and the only way in was through the company that controlled your operating system. We believed then, and so did many of you, that the Web deserved an independent alternative. Today hundreds of millions of people trust Firefox because they understand that we’re different; that our independence lets us put you first," commented Vice President of Firefox, Johnathan Nightingale.

“We believe our role in the world is more important today than its ever been. Issues of digital rights, privacy, net neutrality and online safety and security are real and impact our lives daily. The pace and complexity of online life will only accelerate from here. The decisions we make today will fundamentally impact how we live online in the future,” commented Mozilla CEO, Chris Beard.

Check out this blog post from Chris Beard to see what other products and programs Mozilla is rolling out on Firefox's 10th birthday.

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Firefox Anniversary Edition Introduces the New Forget Button
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