Featured Office Time Waster: Series Roundup
Article by George Norman
On 22 Dec 2008
A couple of months ago we introduced the Office Time Waster Series, and since then we’ve gone through a total of six online games and one Firefox add-on. Now for those of you that are not familiar with our little series, the purpose is this: since Friday is the best day to slack off at work, we will pick an online game to present to you, and at the same time tie that game in with that week’s most notable software news. This way you will stay informed, and have a bit of fun.

Why did I choose online games? The reasoning is pretty simple: online games do not require that much computing power, can be played directly into the browser window (no download or install required), and are not as addictive as other games (in recent tests it came to light that people addicted to drugs display the same physical and neurological symptoms as people hooked to computer games). Without further ado, let’s see what games (and Firefox add-on) we presented this year, in chronological order.


Virus Killer is a nifty little game where the goal is to kill viruses (d’oh). In order to get from one level to another, you must kill a certain percentage of bugs – which in some levels will prove to be quite a challenge.

StarShine 2 is not great only from a visual point of view, but from a “get your brain working” one as well. The goal is to light up all the stars in the sky; in order to do so you can take advantage of the several types of stars and the hint feature.

Light Heroes has to be my favorite game in the series simply because you have several heroes to choose from, you have an inventory where you can add all sorts of items, and because I go all puppy dog eyed whenever I see a game with a “Japanese demons” theme.

Pacma Fight takes the Pacman character from the 80’s, dresses him as a ninja and sets it loose in a virtual world where he has to fight to rescue his country from a “horse’s ass” – what’s not to love about a game that combines action and humorous remarks?

Wrap Attack is a Christmassy, Santa Clause-based game in which you are an elf that has to fight his way through Dr. Zass’s minions in order to get Santa back. Your only weapon is Santa’s lost wand (didn’t quite figure that one out myself).

Frost Bite 2, the sequel of the very popular Frost Bite 1, does not bring any significant visual changes to the table; what it does bring is enhanced controls and some very enjoyable bonus levels.

Firefox add-on for random site discovery – just as the name suggests, once you get this add-on you will take you to a random web page (there are plenty out there to go through). Keeping with the game theme we’ve got going on here, perhaps you would be interested in another Firefox add-on, one that lets you play flash games in full screen mode (even if it was not coded to work as such).

Until 2009 we will not be featuring any more game because we are going on a little vacation. Happy Holidays to you all, see you next year!

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Featured Office Time Waster: Series Roundup
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