Featured Office Time Waster: Police Pursuit
Article by George Norman
On 16 Jan 2009
If we were to go by the Wikipedia definition, then Friday would be the day that comes before Saturday and after Thursday (talk about a minimalist explanation), but we know the truth – it is the day that you get to slack off at work by reading our Featured Time Waster series which not only introduce you to a very entertaining online game, but also round up this week’s most important software news. This week we have a game from the world of law enforcement, Police Pursuit.

Why did I choose this game? In the game you get to go be a policeperson (it would be politically incorrect to say policeman) and you have to take down the bad guys, which is done by means of ramming your car into theirs until the energy bar of the suspect’s vehicle is completely depleted. This reminded me of Microsoft and how it is trying to ram all memories of the Vista failure into the gutter, and take over the netbook market at the same time.


This week has been all about Microsoft and the release of Windows 7 Beta 1; announced late last week, the huge demand proved to be problematic for Microsoft which had to postpone the release. Once the operating system was out and people started to test it, the news poured in: first we reported on the locations were one could get Windows 7, then we looked at the hidden and new themes, how Windows 7 makes you more productive, what keyboard shortcuts you could use in this next iteration of the Windows OS, how to disable the Send Feedback link, and how Windows 7 can be ported to netbooks. The one thing that did not suffer any changes in Windows 7 is the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death).

What else happened this week? Keeping with the OS theme, Linux Mint 6 x64 RC1 was released, while in the Apple camp somebody managed to leak out the Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6. The British Department of Defence (DoD) came up with an Windows-based OS of their own which got infected by a mysterious virus. In a non-related incident, the official web page of celebrity heiress Paris Hilton was hacked as well and visitors to said site were infected by a Trojan.

Google also made the news this week by preparing to release Chrome for Mac/Linux, by getting a new favicon, releasing the Google Quick Search Box, and by releasing a custom iGoogle theme creation tool.

In the instant messaging world, Pidgin issued Pidgin 2.5.4, Skype 4.0 is preparing for a big update, Snowl 0.2 was released, and the updated Yahoo! Messenger is preparing for Valentines Day.

Getting back to the game, I will not provide you with any clues and hints to use in the game because it is so simple to play that you will not need any. What I will tell you is that if you are looking for some other means of occupying your time, then perhaps you should check out Mew Mew Tower and FusionFall.

If you would like to play Police Pursuit, click here.

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Featured Office Time Waster: Police Pursuit
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