Featured Office Time Waster: Pacma Fight
Article by George Norman
On 28 Nov 2008
The most annoying day in the week has once again rolled around; it is Friday and you have to stand behind a desk, staring at the monitor and pretending like you actually care more about the work you are supposed to be doing than the upcoming weekend. There’s no need to let your mind wonder aimlessly, and let that blind stare give you away – simply play this week’s office time waster, Pacma Fight. Here is a brief description: you have a Pacman lookalike character dressed as a ninja that goes around killing enemies and trying to discover secrets.

Why did I choose this game? The game developers took a good idea (the old Pacman game from the 80s) and gave it a twist. They took advantage of a good product from the past, just like the people that are currently buying second hand PCs simply because they want to get the Windows XP OS. They could theoretically purchase Vista and turn it into a Windows 7 lookalike, but the 3rd party software compatibility issues prevent them from doing so.


Since we are on the topic of operating systems, this week we saw the release of openSUSE 11.1 Release Candidate, the Mac OS X is once again targeted by a Trojan, the Vista SP2 RC will drop in February, and the recently jailbroken iPhone OS 2.2 turned out to be a great disappointment.

The goal in this game is a pretty simple one and it is presented to you in a very colorful manner: “You must save your flourishing country from my evil twin brother. Because he is a horse’s ass who was always our parents’ favorite. In any case, avenge him for me having to live somewhere far off in the woods with that numbskull student of mine”. You will see similarly amusing dialog all through the game.

Here are a couple of hints that I am sure you will appreciate. First of all, if you are going to play this at work, you are better off turning the sound off – the music is really annoying anyway. There is a catch: you can disable the music only in the welcome screen; if you start the game with the music on, and after a couple of minutes of game play you will want to turn it off, you will not be able to do so. What I propose is this: turn off the speakers while the game loads; click on the speaker icon; turn the speakers back on. This way no one will suspect you of foul play, everyone will assume you are really concentrating on your work.

Throughout the virtual world of Pacma Fight there are hidden secrets. Some are easier to find than others, but once you do, you will be awarded with better health and even some cool superpowers (temporary ones unfortunately). Also, it would be a good idea to look for Shurikens as they will allow you to exterminate the enemies you encounter.

If you would like to play Pacma Fight, just click here. Perhaps you would like to check out our other Featured Office Time Wasters: Virus Killer, StarShine 2, and Light Heroes.

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Featured Office Time Waster: Pacma Fight
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