Featured Office Time Waster: Light Heroes
Article by George Norman
On 21 Nov 2008
Once again it is Friday, you are at work and you want nothing more than to go through the workday with ease, shrug off the boredom of having to pretend you are actually doing something important, and start enjoying the weekend as soon as possible. The time waster I want to draw your attention to this week is called Light Heroes, it is an adventure type game that takes place in a Japanese setting, and your goal is nothing more and nothing less but to save the world.

Why did I choose this game? Well, this is a Flash game and this week Microsoft has been taking on the industry’s heavy weight, Adobe and their Flash Player 10. Microsoft has stated that their Flash-simile product will go to Silverlight version 3 in the first quarter of 2009; they have also stated that a Beta version of Moonlight, the Silverlight counterpart for the Linux OS will drop in the near future.


In the game you have to fight the forces of evil, which by the way look pretty cool (I am a big fan of anime, manga and other Japanese inspired graphics). Security software solutions similarly have to fend off attackers, malware, Trojans, viruses, phishing attacks and other potential threats. This week Check Point celebrated its 15th birthday and it offered its Zone Alarm Pro software as a free download. We took a closer look at McAfee’s Total Protection 2009, but when it comes to security software, the most viable option (considering that we are in the middle of a financial crisis) is to go for a free one. For the time being one such option is to choose the free Kaspersky AVP Tool, or if you are willing to wait for a while, Microsoft will release a free security solution called Morro, meant to replace Windows Live OneCare.

In terms of Flash related cockups, this week an update provided by AVG caused its security solution to erroneously flag Adobe Flash as a Trojan and consequently prompt the users to delete the assumed malware. This problem occurred just days after another AVG update made Windows XP operating systems unusable (AVG apologized for this and as compensation offered AVG users a free one year subscription).

Getting back to the game, here are a few tips and pointers that I am sure you will appreciate.

The first thing that you must do is choose a class hero; there are 4 different classes: samurai, sorcerers, ninja and sharp shooter. The cool thing is that you can create several characters and use them whenever you wish, because you have the option to save each of them. Now the thing that should influence your class selection decision is what superpowers these heroes have. By superpower I mean the special skill that will activate itself when you triple click the left mouse button – the samurai will generate a storm of blade hits; the sorceress will summon a fire breathing demon; the ninja will summon an ancient looking parchment that will spread across the whole screen, killing every enemy in its pass; the sharpshooter will turn into a giant robot-like creature that will start shooting missiles. In terms of looks, the fire breathing demon looks the best; in terms of practicality, I would go for the parchment.

There are some other bits and pieces that you will find useful: the fact that you can double click and send out a black ball which attracts all enemy fire towards it; the fact that you have an inventory of items you can fit to your character; the possibility to repair the items in your inventory as well as purchase upgrades and better items.

If you would like to play the game, just click here. If you would like to record your game and brag about your accomplishments, you can do so by using liteCam 2.9 software.

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Featured Office Time Waster: Light Heroes
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