Fashion My Firefox: the New, Pimp Ready Mozilla App
Article by George Norman
On 19 Nov 2008
The Mozilla Project has recently released a brand new application for the Firefox browser, application called Fashion Your Firefox that is meant to aid the user in customizing or pimping their browser. As Mozilla puts it, getting stuck in traffic is never a pleasant experience and consequently you search for means to avoid it. Why not take this principle and apply it to your online surfing experience? You spend just as much time in front of a computer as you do on the road, so it makes sense to customize your Firefox browser and make it brilliant.

The Fashion Your Firefox app will not let you do something too whacky, it will simply provide you with a selection of add-ons to use in the browser. There are in total 9 add-on categories: Finder and Seeker, Social Butterfly, Shutterbug, Digital Pack Rat, Rock Star, Decorator, Shopaholic, News Junkie, and Executive Assistant.


Mike Shaver, vice president of engineering with Mozilla comments: “One of the best parts about Firefox is the amazing richness of our 5,000-plus free add-ons. We’re excited to introduce Fashion Your Firefox because it makes it even easier for people to discover useful add-ons that make the browsing experience better and more personal.”

There are only two requirements one must meet in order to use the brand new Fashion Your Firefox app: you must use Firefox v 3.0 and you must be able to understand English. The app will not work on Firefox versions previous to 3.0 and for the time being it is supported only in one language, English. Support for additional languages will be added in the near future, says Mozilla.

The app is expected to have a great impact, especially if you think about the fact that since 2004 users have downloaded and fitted the Mozilla browser with more than one billion add-ons. Why since 2004? Simply because Firefox v. 1.0 was released back in 2004, in the month of November.

If you would like to put the new software to the test, just click here.

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Fashion My Firefox: the New, Pimp Ready Mozilla App
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