Edit Photos for Free with Photoscape 3.2
Article by George Norman
On 04 Nov 2008
Photoscape 3.2 is a free piece of software that will come in handy when you want to view, resize, crop, color adjust, edit and print your extensive collection of pictures. To put it simply, the software is nothing more and nothing less than a free photo editing tool (with am impressive number of features). After all the extensive testing we submitted the software to, we are glad to report that we could not find anything wrong with it, nothing to tick us off and uninstall Photoscape 3.2

The most basic feature that Photoscape 3.2 has to offer is the “Viewer”. Since the name is self-explanatory, we will not get into any more details. After you are done watching the photo, you can use the “Editor” to modify it (resize, crop, color correct, add frames and balloons, add text, and so on). If you want to take things even further you can use the “Page” option to merge several photos into one, or the “Combine” option which lets you horizontally or vertically combine several pictures into one.


My personal favorite is the “Animated GIF” feature which lets me combine multiple pictures into one cool animation. Some I’ve created just for the fun of it and other I actually use as avatars. The list of features goes on with Splitter (breaks up a picture into several pieces), Batch editor, Screen capture, Color Picker, Raw Converter, Rename and Print. I did not go into details because the names pretty much give the feature away.

As I have mentioned before, the software is free - downloading and using it will not cost you a thing. But if you really liked Photoscape 3.2 and would like to see the software evolve while remaining free-of-charge, you are encouraged to visit the Photoscape web page and make a donation through PayPal. Any amount will be appreciated, no matter how big or small.

If you would like to get Photoscape 3.2, a download location is available here .

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Edit Photos for Free with Photoscape 3.2
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