Customize Your Firefox: Christmassy and Game Oriented Add-ons
Article by George Norman
On 09 Dec 2008
With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, I thought I might bring the Christmas spirit to you, and what better way to do so than to present you with two interesting Mozilla Firefox add-ons: Winter Holiday Christmas Toolbar 1.1.1 and KidZui 0.1.4. Think of this as a Christmas version of Fashion Your Firefox.

The first add-on, the Winter Holiday Christmas Toolbar 1.1.1, as the name suggests, will cover your Firefox toolbar in snow and festive ornaments. But it does not stop at that – there is the possibility to stream music in the background or go on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift, there are links to Christmas oriented web pages and Christmas related activities, and even some mouth watering recipes. Not that you will ever forget, but the toolbar also features a “days until Christmas” countdown.


If you are a proud parent and you want to keep harm away from your little one(s) then surely you are aware of all the online threats and the parental monitoring software tools that you can employ. KidZui is better known for making their own browser, one that is designed to provide safe online browsing for children. Apparently they saw the potential in building on an existing platform and consequently released KidZui as a Firefox add-on.

Kidzui 0.1.4 works something like this: after you download and install the add-on, you have the option to lock the desktop (just make sure to pick a properly strong password) so that your child can visit only KidZui approved web pages (games and other kids stuff). If you are willing to hand over $40 for an annual subscription, you will also get to monitor exactly what web pages your little one has been visiting, as well as the option to take some sites off the KidZui blacklist. To my mind, the KidZui add-on is great even if you don’t have children – all those games should help with the festive mood of Christmas.

If you would like to get the Winter Holyday Christmas Toolbar 1.1.1 Firefox add-on, a download location is available here .
If you would like to get the child friendly, game oriented KidZui 0.1.4 Firefox add-on, a download location is available here .

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Customize Your Firefox: Christmassy and Game Oriented Add-ons
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