Convince People You Have a Significant Other with Invisible Girl-Boyfriend
Article by George Norman
On 09 Feb 2015
Thanks to Invisible Girlfriend or Invisible Boyfriend you can fool family, friends and coworkers into thinking you are in a relationship. If you parents are constantly nagging you to find a girlfriend, you can trick them into thinking you already have one. If your friends are pestering you to go out on a date with "this cute guy from the office", you can trick them into thinking you already have a boyfriend.

“Invisible Girlfriend/Boyfriend gives you real-world and social proof that you’re in a relationship - even if you’re not - so you can get back to living life on your own terms.” That’s what it says on the Invisible Girlfriend and the Invisible Boyfriend website.


Invisible Girlfriend – Main Features
  • Create your own girlfriend – you can select a custom name, pick her age, choose a photo.
  • Create your own story – Invisible Girlfriend will help you come up with a story of how the two of you met.
  • Believable social proof – share photos of your invisible girlfriend, have text conversations with your invisible girlfriend. Whenever you text her, she will text you back.
  • Be someone's invisible girlfriend – submit a selfie and someone may pick you to be his invisible girlfriend. If someone picks you, you will get an “I’m Someone’s Invisible Girlfriend” T-shirt and you will be paid for every additional selfie you submit.
  • Pricing – the introductory price is $24.99 per month. For this amount of money you get 100 text messages, 10 voicemails, and 1 handwritten note.
Invisible Boyfriend has the same features to offer. There’s no point in listing them since you can just replace "girlfriend" with "boyfriend" in the paragraph above.

Please note that Invisible Girlfriend and Invisible Boyfriend are currently in Beta. You will have to sign up for the Beta to get started with Invisible Girlfriend or Invisible Boyfriend.

Learn more about Invisible Girlfriend here.
Learn more about Invisible Boyfriend

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Convince People You Have a Significant Other with Invisible Girl-Boyfriend
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