Christmas HD Wallpapers Brings Holiday Cheer to Chrome's New Tab Page
Article by George Norman
On 23 Dec 2016
Thanks to Christmas HD Wallpapers, the bland (and rather boring) new Tab Page displays beautiful Christmas wallpapers, the current temperature in your location, and even a handy dashboard that lets you manage your bookmarks, extensions and apps.

When Google set out to build its own web browser, it focused on one thing and one thing only: speed. Consequently, the browser has a minimalist interface and a New Tab page that puts the emphasis on functionality, not beauty.


Chrome’s default New Tab page looks like this (see below). It features a search box so you can easily search for things online, it lists the website you frequently visit, and it provides an easy means of accessing your bookmarks and Chrome apps.

While functional and practical, Chrome’s default New Tab page isn’t exactly beautiful. And during this time of year, you might want the New Tab page to be beautiful, not practical.

That’s where’s Christmas HD Wallpapers comes in. This free extension brings the holiday spirit to Google Chrome by placing beautiful Christmas wallpapers on the New Tab page.

The Wallpapers panel from the right hand side lets you choose what wallpaper to see on the New Tab page. The selection is generous and all of the images look stunning. If you don’t know which wallpaper to select, let the extension surprise you by displaying a random daily wallpaper.

Christmas HD Wallpapers comes with a trio of extra features that I think you’re going to find useful:
  • Time – the time is clearly displayed on the New Tab page, but without drawing attention from the Christmas wallpaper.
  • Manage apps, extensions and more – click the 3-line menu from the upper left hand corner to bring up a dashboard that lists your bookmarks, presents your browsing history, and lets you manage all Chrome extensions and apps.
  • Weather – the current temperature and weather conditions are displayed in the lower right hand corner, based on your location. If you want to change the location, click the city name and enter a custom location. And if you want to switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, just click on °C or °F.

If you’re going to decorate your home this Christmas, why not decorate your Chrome browser as well?

Go get Christmas HD Wallpapers from Google’s Chrome Web Store and turn the New Tab page into a winter wonderland.

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Christmas HD Wallpapers Brings Holiday Cheer to Chrome's New Tab Page
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