Christmas Fun from Yahoo!: Santa's Beard of Joy
Article by George Norman
On 20 Dec 2010
We are officially counting down the days to Christmas, or at least I am. It would seem I am not the only one keen on celebrating the winter holidays, Sunnyvale-based public corporation Yahoo! is getting into the festive spirit as well. How’s Yahoo! doing that? Why by releasing a fun new site called Santa’s Beard of Joy.

The site invites you to do something I bet most of you thought they would never have the chance to do – explore Santa’s beard and see what wonders are hiding in that big pile of white hair. I’ve been playing with Santa’s Beard for a while (never thought I’d get to say that) and here’s what I found in it:


The Gingerbread Man – this delicious treat sits in the oven, singing merrily as he gets baked to a crisp brown.
A Sled – you will take a ride on a virtual slope on a virtual sled.
An Elf and a Narwhal – the elf merrily dances around the Narwhal; then the Narwhal eats him.
Some Frozen Fish – they just sit there, in the pond, frozen and unable to move.
A Snow Covered Christmas tree – when you shake it, Christmas decorations fall out. Eventually another snow covered Christmas tree will fall out and you will get to shake that one as well.
A Snow Shovel – you will see a guy shoveling snow away from his car and listen to Christmassy music in the background.
A Yeti Playing the Tuba – in a snowy cavern a Yeti walks by playing the tuba.
A Polar Bear – the poor polar bear is cold, so you have to help him out. How? By picking some clothes for the bear to wear.
Cutlery – you will see the image of a roasted chicken as it gets eaten.
Beard Essence – this one cannot be explained with words.
A Carrot – you will see a lovely snowman with a carrot for a nose and coal for eyes. One of its eyes falls out, unfortunately.
A Glove – you will see an amazing avalanche coming your way.
A Moose – the moose sits on a couch, next to a roaring fire. At least the moose is warm, unlike the polar bear.
The Elf Again – the Narwhal spits out the elf and it starts to dance around. Then the Narwhal once again swallows the elf.

Try Santa’s Beard of Joy out. It is tons of fun. And if you find it amusing, share the joy with your Facebook and Twitter friends.

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Christmas Fun from Yahoo!: Santa's Beard of Joy
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