Bitdefender Announces Partnership with Chili Security
Article by George Norman
On 03 Feb 2015
Bitdefender, the Romanian security company that is well-known for its innovative antivirus software solutions, just announced that it entered a partnership with Chili Security, Danish company that offers protection against hostile online attacks and other threats that could lead to harm.

As part of this partnership, Chili Security will adopt Bitdefender’s leading security software as its core product. And by adopting Bitdefender’s top ranking technology, Chili Security will make its debut in more markets.


You see, the purpose of this Bitdefender – Chili Security partnership is to aid the later with a major international expansion. After it saw rapid growth in the Danish market last year, Chili Security plans to establish sales offices in 20 countries this February – UK, Spain, Germany, the US, Russia, Italy, and 14 other countries. These sales offices will offer exclusively rebranded Bitdefender security products for Windows, Mac OS X, and Android.

“We know Bitdefender has the best products in the world, both in terms of security and in terms of usability, which is another key factor for us and our sales staff,” said Chili Security Chief Executive Officer Martin Larsen. “Experience has shown that our sales and marketing abilities are world-class, so we believe we have a perfect match. By rebranding Bitdefender’s products, we have been able to grow at a much faster pace than would have otherwise been possible.”

“Chili Security has shown a solid track record of high quality 24/7 customer support and a serious dedication to defend computer users against various cyber threats” said Peter Laakkonen, Bitdefender’s General Manager of OEM and Technology Licensing. “We are pleased to announce this partnership and look forward to great successes in the very near future.”

You can learn more about Bitdefender on its official webpage.
You can learn more about Chili Security on its
official webpage.

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Bitdefender Announces Partnership with Chili Security
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