Avira: Six Signs Your Android May Be Infected
Article by George Norman
On 29 Apr 2013
If your Android-powered device presents some of the signs described by Avira, it may mean it has been infected by malicious software.

With more and more people using mobile devices to connect to the web, smartphones and tablets have become an alluring target for malware spreaders. The simple truth of the matter is that a smartphone is nothing more but a computer that you can put in your pocket. And as is the case with computers, there are numerous threats out there that target it. The downside is that lots of users fail to protect their devices and consequently they may get infected.


According to security company Avira, an infected mobile device presents the following symptoms:
  1. Apps crash - apps that used to work just fine and have not been updated lately, now crash unexpectedly. Something may be interfering with them, causing them to crash.
  2. Poor performance – your mobile device is slower than usual for no apparent reason. A malicious app may be eating up system resources, causing the device to be slow.
  3. Short battery life – you run out of battery very quickly, even though you did not use your mobile more than usual. Some program in the active memory may be draining your battery.
  4. Lost calls – you lose calls and messages fail do reach their destination even though you have maximum reception. This is because malware tries to intercept and even re-route calls.
  5. Increased data usage – malware will use your data connection to communicate and send your private data to the cybercriminals that created it.
  6. Larger bills – a Trojan may be sensing messages or calling expensive phone numbers.

Avira also provided a few tips on how to keep your mobile from getting infected:
  • Check any available rankings and reviews before installing an app on your device.
  • Check what permissions an app requires.
  • Don’t install apps from untrusted locations, stick with official app stores.
  • Use security software on your device.

You may want to use Avira’s own free security tool to protect your Android device.
Check out
Avira Free Android Security.

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Avira: Six Signs Your Android May Be Infected
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