Avira Phantom VPN Is Now Available to Everyone, including iPhone and Mac Users
Article by George Norman
On 23 Jun 2016
Avira’s Phantom VPN is great if you care about privacy and security, because it allows you to surf the web anonymously, on an encrypted connection that protects against snoopers and cybercriminals. What’s not so great about Phantom VPN is that you can’t use it on any device, you can only use it on a Windows PC or an Android mobile.

Hold it, hold it, hold it! That’s no longer the case! Avira just announced that it added two more names to the list of supported operating systems: iOS and macOS (formerly OS X and Mac OS X before that). This means you can now use Avira Phantom VPN on any device, be it an iPhone, an Android, a PC or a Mac.


Security and privacy are for everyone, regardless of their OS

Everyone should be able to use a VPN, no matter what operating system (OS) they have. At launch, Phantom VPN did not follow that line of thought, snubbing iOS and Mac users. The good news is that it didn’t take Avira very long to fix things and make Phantom VPN available for Apple’s iOS and macOS.

"With Phantom VPN, security is what matters, with operating systems becoming immaterial," said Melanie Weber, head of the VPN project at Avira. "We believe that people should be able to secure their activities and their privacy, regardless of the device or its operating system."

It makes sense to make Phantom VPN available for everyone. Households aren’t limited to just one OS, with family members using a mix of operating systems. Strategy Analytics took a closer look at this and found that a quarter of households own both Android and iOS devices. So making Phantom VPN available for Android but not iOS isn’t a wise decision.

"There is a growing segment of households that are mixed – there can be a Windows laptop together with an Android smartphone and an iPad from Apple," explained Weber. "These devices don’t just stay under one roof, they go everywhere with their owners and they all access the internet. And as they access the internet, these devices need to protect their owners’ online security."

With Avira Phantom VPN, you have secure and anonymous internet access

There are 3 main reasons to use Avira Phantom VPN (and any other VPN for that matter): to protect your privacy, to keep snoopers and cybercriminals at bay, and to access blocked websites by hiding your IP and spoofing your location.
  • Protect your privacy – block online trackers and prevent the collection of personal data. What you do online is your business and your business alone, so keep your online activities private.
  • Keep snoopers and cybercriminals at bay – surf the web on a connection that encrypts all communications between the internet and your computer or mobile. This prevents eavesdroppers from listening in on private communications and stops cybercriminals from capturing your data.
  • Access blocked websites by hiding your IP – by detecting your IP address, websites can tell where you’re from and they can block you if you’re not from a certain region or country. Avira Phantom VPN hides your real IP, spoofing your location, and thus allowing you to bypass this form of online censorship.

Avira Phantom VPN is free for registered and unregistered users

Avira offers Phantom VPN to everyone, for the awesome price of free. It’s not completely free though, so pay attention. You can use Phantom VPN without registering, which means you’ll get a data allowance of 500MB/month. If you register, Avira will double your data allowance, giving you 1GB/month. If you need more than 1GB/month, you’ll have to get the paid Pro version, which offers unlimited data traffic.

Here’s where you can get Avira Phantom VPN

Windows users can get Avira Phantom VPN right here on FindMySoft.

macOS users can get Avira Phantom VPN straight from Avira.

iOS users can get Avira Phantom VPN from Apple’s App Store.

Android users can get Avira Phantom VPN from Google Play.

Please note that Avira Phantom VPN requires Windows 7 or newer, macOS 10.10 Yosemite or newer, iOS 8 or newer, and Android 4.0.3 or newer.

In related news...

Earlier this month, the security company released Avira Software Updater, a free tool that helps you keep your software patched and up-to-date, something that’s quite important if you want your PC to be protected against malware.

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Avira Phantom VPN Is Now Available to Everyone, including iPhone and Mac Users
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