Apple's Christmas Ad features Frankenstein's Monster, Preaches Inclusiveness
Article by George Norman
On 22 Nov 2016
It’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but many are already thinking about Christmas and the winter holidays. Like Apple for example.

Released just in time for the holiday season, the company’s latest ad features Christmas decorations, carolers, and… Frankenstein’s monster?


When someone says "Frankenstein’s monster," you expect them to follow it up with something like "horror" or "macabre". You definitely don’t expect them to use the word "heartwarming." But that is precisely the case with Apple’s Christmas ad.

This heartwarming commercial portrays Frankenstein’s monster as someone who wants to be accepted, as someone who wants to celebrate the winter holidays alongside the frightened villagers, not alone in the mountains.

The ad starts with Frankenstein’s monster using his iPhone to record music from a windup music box. After enjoying a cup of tea and practicing for a bit, he goes to pick up a package. Then he goes into town, where all the villagers are gathered around a Christmas tree.

Their reaction to seeing Frankenstein is surprisingly chill. Nobody screams, nobody runs off in a mad, panicked dash, nobody brings out the pitchforks and torches. This gives Frankie time to set up for his big surprise: he’s going to sing Perry Como’s "Home for the Holidays."

Just as the crowd is starting to lose patience, a young girl urges Frankenstein to come forward. She fixes the lights he attached to his neck bolts and starts singing along. This act of kindness convinces the crowd that Frankie isn’t a bad guy, and everyone starts singing along.

The ad ends with a teary-eyed Frankenstein and the message "Open your heart to everyone."

The actor playing Frankenstein’s monster is Brad Garrett, who is best known for playing Robert Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond and Eddie Stark in 'Til Death. And in case you missed it, that painting in Frankenstein’s house is of Mary Shelley.

The ad was directed by Park Pictures' Lance Acord, who also directed the Emmy-winning Misunderstood ad from 2013.

Amazon has a "let’s be friends" ad as well

Last week, Amazon rolled out a commercial for Amazon Prime, commercial that preaches inclusiveness by confronting Muslimophobia. The ad features a priest and an imam – they’re not enemies, they old friends who get together to have some tea and catch up. And since they’re both Amazon Prime members, they use the Amazon mobile app to buy gifts for each other.

Groupon’s first-ever holiday TV campaing is about "gifting the experience"

Gift the Experience – that is the message that Groupon wants to send via its first-ever holiday TV campaign.

Gift, which focuses on the products found on Groupon Goods, is the first spot in the campaign. It will air until Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Experience, which focuses on giving the gift of local experiences, is the second spot in the campaign. It will air from Cyber Monday until Christmas.

"We’re excited about our new holiday campaign because it embraces what sets us apart from all other shopping destinations, which is that you can find the most popular products and amazing local experiences all in one place," said in a press release Jon Wild, VP Marketing for North America, Groupon. "Whether it’s a yoga mat or a yoga class, concert tickets or a selfie-stick for the show, only Groupon has incredible deals on everything for all your holiday gifting needs."

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