Apple: Give Us Your Windows Powered PCs, Get an iMac for Christmas
Article by George Norman
On 03 Dec 2008
Apple has launched a new program entitled “Apple iMac Smart Xchange” which is meant to boost Mac sales and draw in people that previously considered Apple’s products to be too expensive. How did Apple go about making the iMac a more enticing, financially viable option? By simply allowing the customers to trade in their old Windows powered PC, or TV.

As you may have guessed, there is a catch – the “Apple iMac Smart Xchange” promo is only available in India, a place where people would very much like to purchase an iMac, but find it to be much too expensive for their pocket. With the upcoming winter holydays and with this generous offer, Apple India expects to see a sales increase.


What outcome can we expect to see from this situation? If people will trade their PCs for Macs, naturally we expect to see a decrease in Windows usage as well as Windows piracy (it is a well known fact that pirated software is much more attractive from a financial point of view). We also expect to see an increase of Mackie newbies – the Mac OS X is something new for the users switching over from Windows, and it is definitely a novel thing for those who trade in their TV. These are exactly the kind of inexperienced users that we can expect to fall for a malware spreading scheme and get their Mac OS X infected.

There are a few more things that deserve mentioning. The first is that the “Apple iMac Smart Xchange” promo will last until the 27th of December. The second is that if you are a student (faculty or college) you can get a MacBook laptop for a considerably lower price that other people. The discount in this case is of 12%, which is considerable.

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Apple: Give Us Your Windows Powered PCs, Get an iMac for Christmas
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