Answers for the Top 3 Questions You Have about Opera Reborn
Article by George Norman
On 10 May 2017
The Norwegian browser maker announced today that "Opera is reborn" and introduced a new Opera browser, codenamed Reborn.

I’m sure that you’re curious to learn more about Opera Reborn and you have some burning questions to ask. Allow me to answer those questions, starting with…


1. What is Opera Reborn?

Opera Reborn is the latest update for the Opera web browser.

Opera Reborn is Opera version 45.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Opera presented Reborn as a new browser in this press release and Krystian Kolondra, Head of Opera, did the same in this announcement. But that’s not exactly the case, now is it? Opera Reborn isn’t a new, standalone browser, it is an update. So if you’re already using Opera for desktop, the only thing you must do to get started with Opera Reborn is to make sure that you have the latest release, version 45.0.

2. What’s the most exciting new feature?

Opera for desktop already has a lot of useful built-in features to offer: free VPN, native ad blocker, video pop out, currency converter, news reader, and more. So what new feature could Opera Reborn (a.k.a. Opera for desktop version 45.0) add to the list? The answer is social messengers.

Opera Reborn features built-in support for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Icons for these messengers are conveniently displayed on the sidebar to the left.

"Social messengers completely changed our lives by allowing us to work, discover new things and communicate at the same time," said Krystian Kolondra, Opera Software’s Senior Vice President of Products. "This shift has come with smartphones, but desktops and laptops, while theoretically more powerful multitasking tools, have been left behind. We believe this needs to change."

Opera Reborn lets you choose which messengers are displayed on the sidebar. Go to Customize Start Page -> Sidebar -> and select the messengers you want to see on the sidebar.

Or go to Settings -> Basic -> Sidebar -> Manage Sidebar.

Easier still, you can just right click the sidebar to customize the icons that are displayed on it.

3. What else is new?

Opera Reborn features a revamped interface that Krystian Kolondra described as "truly modern, simplified, refined and playful". The tabs are lighter and more elegant, the sidebar is more subtle and refined, the new icons are more elegant, the new backgrounds are more colorful, the new animations are playful, and there’s a new Dark Theme.

If you want a detailed list of all the changes that have been made to the interface, here it is (as provided by Opera):
  • Brand new look and feel with a high-quality graphical design that is more consistent across platforms
  • Simplified, lighter and more elegant tabs.
  • Fresh and refined icons.
  • The new, more subtle and refined sidebar with a touch of animation.
  • Refreshed Speed Dial.
  • Introducing a dark theme for the browser.
  • A set of new backgrounds that perfectly complement Opera’s new look and feel.
  • Private mode animations.

If the interface feels familiar, it’s because it draws inspiration from Opera Neon, the concept browser released back in January 2017.

Get started with Opera Reborn by downloading Opera 45.0 for Windows right here on FindMySoft.

Download Opera for desktop for Windows, Mac and Linux straight from

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Answers for the Top 3 Questions You Have about Opera Reborn
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