An Operating System's Way of Running Airlines
Article by George Norman
On 05 Nov 2008
Did you ever stop and thing what would happen if the people who make your operating system (be it Windows OS or MAC OS X or even Linux) would suddenly decide to give up on software and startup an airline company? If you haven’t done so until now, then don’t bother doing all that thinking – others have done it for you, meaning that you can relax and just keep reading.

Windows is one of the most widespread operating systems around, so let’s start with them. Windows Airlines will have a very eye-catchy terminal; everything that you look at is nice and shiny, pretty and colorful. The flight attendants are friendly, checking in your bags is done swiftly, and the plane takes off without a glitch. Ten minutes into the flight the plane takes a nosedive into the ocean, for no apparent good reason. Windows NT Airlines is pretty much the same, just super-sized.


Mac Airlines would of course go about it another way. All Mac terminals look the same, all the flight attendants dress, look, and act very much alike and all the planes are identical. If you happen to have a question on your mind, feel free to ask it. But once you do so you will be informed that your question is not relevant, an answer will not be provided. Just rest assured that Mac is doing everything for you, so just relax and stop asking stupid questions.

Unix Airlines has everyone bring a piece of the airplane with them, go to the runway and feverishly start working on it. The plane is coming along nicely, just that no one has even the slightest clue what type of airplane they are building – is it a 747, a fighter jet, or a stealth bomber? No one knows.

When people are fed up with working for a tyrannical airline, they quit their jobs and move to Linux Airlines. They do all the work themselves, meaning that they hand build the airplanes, the terminals, and even the ticket booth. The ticket is of course free to download online, or can be printed for a small fee. Once you are on board the plane, the flight attendant hands you a picture of a seat and gives you all the necessary equipment and tools to build it. Once this is done, you can enjoy a very nice flight in a very comfortable seat – even the food looks and tastes great. With a big grin on your face you reach your destination. You are now hooked and you start telling others to switch to Linux Airlines, only to see them shake their heads in disbelief over how much work you had to put into that chair.

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An Operating System's Way of Running Airlines
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