Advanced Screen Action Capture with liteCam 2.9
Article by George Norman
On 19 Nov 2008
There are times when you need to record what you do on a computer, for example when you want to provide someone with a very comprehensive tutorial. Although I will admit there are several software applications that will let you perform a video recording of your actions, the thing that makes liteCam 2.9 stand out of the screencast software crowd is that it will let you record everything: movies (streaming or non-streaming movies, webcam footage, news broadcasts, and your personal screen actions).

Apart from letting you perform screen recordings with audio, what else does this innoheim software product have working in its favor? The first thing that will catch your eye is the software’s lightness – it weighs in at just under 10MB. This is important for those in the developing markets with a rather poor internet connection. Once you will install in on your machine you will notice that there are plenty of tools to tinker with, and all of them are very simple to use.


“liteCam is the first screen capture software in the industry to fully support Windows Vista. In order to make this product available to the general public, innoheim has made this product available at an economic cost and incorporated an interface that is extremely easy to use. liteCam comes with a built in Audio Setup Wizard which makes the usually tedious and difficult setup process as easy as clicking a few buttons. The audio setup wizard detects the sound card installed on the user’s computer and automatically configures the settings for the best sound quality,” said innoheim at the liteCam 2.9 official release.

On the upside, the software can be used to record streaming and non-streaming video, there are editing options for your video and audio recordings, and there is even the option to schedule tasks within liteCam 2.9. On the downside, the recordings can be saved only in .avi format and a single user license will set you back $19.

If you would like to use this software (even if it is for a 30 days trial), a download location is available here. Alternative download location available here.

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Advanced Screen Action Capture with liteCam 2.9
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