A Tiny Opera Taste, Opera Mini 4.2 Beta
Article by George Norman
On 11 Nov 2008
Opera has just released version 4.2 of the Opera Mini browser, the one that is used on various smart phones, apart from the iPhone. Keep in mind though that this is still a Beta version, and as we all know Betas tend to have a few bug problems.

Jon von Tetzchner from the Opera team comments: “The number of people using Opera Mini worldwide proves that there is a true revolution going on: people want to access all their favorite sites on the mobile phone they have today. We constantly focus on developing a faster and more personal browsing experience. Opera Mini 4.2 beta is an update that takes mobile web browsing to the next level.”


Although the 4.2 version of the Opera browser for mobile devices does not bring significant changes to the software, there are two things that deserve mentioning. The first thing that you will notice with Opera Mini 4.2 Beta is that there are a lot of new skins to choose from. The second is that the browser is now capable of offering improved YouTube video support (the software will automatically launch the video player when you click on a video link).

As you would expect from a newer software version, Opera Mini 4.2 Beta is also better in terms of performance. European users will enjoy the fact that web pages will load a lot faster. American users get the speedier page load feature and a little bonus: the server park.

Looking back in time we can notice that the Opera Mini browser was released on the market at the beginning of 2006. For about two years now the browser has gained popularity and is currently used by more than 20 million smart phone owners all over the world. As long as you can run Java on your phone, you can install and run Opera Mini as well.

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A Tiny Opera Taste, Opera Mini 4.2 Beta
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