7 Amazing Facts You Should Know About YouTube
Article by George Norman
On 17 Nov 2015
YouTube is the go-to online destination for watching videos. It has tutorials, reviews, let’s play videos, music videos, skits, and lots more. It has tons of content and a large variety of content, enough to keep anyone entertained.

How much do you know about the website that offers free access to an endless collection of videos? Here are some amazing facts you probably don't know about YouTube.


YouTube is immensely popular

I’m sure you already know that YouTube is immensely popular. What you don’t know is just how popular YouTube is. According to the latest statistics, more than 1 billion people use YouTube. Just to put things in perspective, 1 billion is almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

What do all these users do? They watch 6 billion hours’ worth of videos per month, watch 4 billion videos per day, and upload 300 hours of video per minute.

Not as popular as Facebook though

YouTube may be immensely popular, but it is not as popular as Facebook. While it has more than 1 billion users, Facebook has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. And according to this study, 63% of internet users are on YouTube while 77% are on Facebook.

Speaking about Facebook, I have to remind you that it is not a teen’s first choice. Teens would rather use other social networks, ranking Facebook as their 4th choice. Their top 3 choices are presented here.

The majority of YouTube’s traffic comes from outside the US

Google, who owns YouTube since 2006 when it bought it for $1.65 billion, made the video-sharing service available in 76 different languages and launched local versions in more than 70 countries. Why you ask? For the simple reason that 80% of YouTube's views are from outside the US and 60% are from countries where English is not the primary language.

The most non-US YouTube views come from…

There are 195 countries out there; 196 if you also count Taiwan, but the thing is that many, including the US, do not recognize Taiwan to be an official country. But I digress. Out of all these countries, which one do you think gets the title for most non-US YouTube views? At 90 million daily views, that title goes to Saudi Arabia.

What you have to keep in mind is that YouTube is unrestricted in Saudi Arabia. With the government’s censorship of TV, Facebook and Twitter, it makes sense that people would look to YouTube for entertainment.

Most YouTube users in the US can’t have a beer

Facebook may not be very popular among teens, but YouTube is. A study on US internet users found that 82% of 14-to-17-year-olds visit YouTube at least once a week. That percentage drops to 77% among 18-to-34-year-olds and down to 54% among 35-to-54-yeard-olds.

The most searched how-to is…

Seeing that there are so many teens on YouTube, I think it will come as no surprise when I tell you that the most searched tutorial is “how to kiss.” The second most searched tutorial is on “how to tie a tie.” Check out the rest of the list here.

Speaking about YouTube and kids, if your child spends a lot of time on YouTube and you want to make sure (s)he’s safe and protected, take a look at these 5 security tips.

The most searched topic is…

Its music. The most searched topic on YouTube is music. Musicians and artists turn to YouTube to make their music available to the public, the public turns to YouTube to listen to music. With high demand for music, it's no wonder Google introduced VEVO, a music video destination powered by YouTube. But that was way back in 2009. Here's something a bit fresher.

Earlier this month, Google introduced YouTube Music, a new iOS and Android app designed to make discovering, watching and listening to music easier than ever. Go get it from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Before you do, check out this video presentation.

“No matter where you start in the app, the music will never stop. Every song you play or artist you choose will take you on an endless journey through YouTube’s music catalog. A simple tap and you’re on your way, enjoying your favorite music and discovering new artists effortlessly. The home tab will recommend tracks just for you and create personalized stations based on your tastes,” explained T. Jay Fowler, Director, Product Management

For an ad-free experience on YouTube Music, you need to get a YouTube Red subscription. It’s priced at 10$ per month, but the cool thing is that you get more than just an ad-free experience.

Read more about YouTube Red here.

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7 Amazing Facts You Should Know About YouTube
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