5 iPhone Apps to Turn You into a Superhero
Article by George Norman
On 25 Feb 2009
As a little child most of us would read comics or watch cartoons and dream about having miraculous powers, being a superhero and battling the forces of evil. Now that you’re all grown up your know that getting blasted with Gamma rays will not turn you into the Hulk, but this is not to say that you have to give up on your dreams of superpower. The following iPhone app will not turn you into a leotard wearing, muscle powerhouse, but they will make you look like a savior in your friends’ eyes.

The first iPhone app that I would like to present to you is SitOrSquat, the app that emulates George Costanza. I know that the Seinfeld character does not exactly inspire superhero feelings, but bear with me for a moment. SitOrSquat points you in the direction of the nearest toilet, gives you toilet ratings, and works on the iPhone as well as on Android. To a friend that is in a dire “lavatorial need”, your knowledge will save the day.


The second app I present to you is RepairPal – a superhero like Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four could fix anything; you probably can’t, but at least you will know not to get ripped off. RepairPal allows you to get car repair estimates and find a garage near you. You might not be able to carry the car on your shoulders and fly into the sunset, but you will have a tow truck pick you up in no time at all.

The third app is iSpeak – in the superhero world everybody speaks English and it is easy for people to understand each other; while this is not the case in the real world, this app will turn you into a “language specialist”. To put it simply, iSpeak is sort of your personal language translator that offers support for French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese.

The forth app is iLaugh – remember Spider-Man and his wise cracks? Well, iLaugh (iTunes link here) is your direct link to a joke depository. It will ensure that you will always have something funny to say, or at least keep you amused for a while. Alternatively you might want to give iPity, the app that features Mr. T quotes, a shot. I know that Mr. T is not a superhero, but he sure looks mean (or used to).

The fifth app is Wikipanion – a superhero needs to be informed and can amass vast amounts of information. You need not strain your memory since you have Wikipanion, the iPhone app that ensures Wikipedia articles are never too far away. You could of course simply fire up the Safari browser and head to the Wikipedia page, but Wikipanion (iTunes link here) does this a lot faster. Not to mention that it also lets you seamlessly save images and play .ogg recordings (for when you need to know how a word is pronounced for example).

UPDATE: It just occurred to me that superheroes have the same basic needs as we do, and socializing is amongst these needs. They gather at the secret superhero club, have a nice refreshing drink and talk about their needs and how the supervillains get on their nerves. Okay, so I made up the part about the superhero secret club, but I am not lying when it comes to Cocktails Made Easy , the iPhone app that features over 500 recipes for coming up with interesting cocktails. The “superhero part” is that you only need 14 ingredients for this vast amount of cocktails.

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5 iPhone Apps to Turn You into a Superhero
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