39% of Computer Users Curse at their PCs, Avira Study Uncovers
Article by George Norman
On 08 Feb 2011
I think you will all agree that using the PC can sometimes be frustrating. When you’re struggling to get something done and your computer stubbornly refuses top work properly, chances are you will get so frustrated that you will shout a few curse words at the annoying PC. According to a study performed by Avira, company that offers home and business security software solutions, this happens quite often.

During the month of December Avira ran a consumer security survey on its users and found that “two out of every five people worldwide have cursed at their computers at some point in the past.” To put it in percentages, 39% of all the respondents said they cursed or yelled out loud at their PC at least once in the past.


Unsurprised by what Avira uncovered, I shared this finding with a friend of mine who would much rather remain anonymous – we’ll just call her Felicity. She said that even though her old computer (she has a new one now) was incredibly frustrating, she didn’t curse it - because that would just be a waste of energy. She remained 'zen' and encouraged the computer with softly spoken words of, well, encouragement.

Ironically that’s what Avira also uncovered. 38% of respondents said they would not yell or curse at the PC, they would encourage it instead.

Here what else Avira’s study found:
- 11% of respondents wished for a catastrophe to strike the company that made the operating system (cough, Microsoft, cought) and the company that made the PC.
- 9% of respondents resorted to physical damage and hit the PC with they fist, or a baseball bat, or another object.
- 3% were so frustrated that they actually threw the computer to the ground or against a desk or other piece of furniture.

“It is true that we tried to have some fun with this question of the month since it was December and traditionally many people are online shopping with some experiencing problems if a PC stops working or if they cannot access a website at the appropriate time,” explained PR Manager with Avira, Elisabeth Rothbart,. “I think the funny aspect to this question is that an equal number of people curse at their PC vs. being nice to them. There is probably some anger management factoid in the results some place, but we’ll worry about the PC side of things. I don’t recommend violence of any sort toward computers or anything else, but I can relate to the feelings of frustration.”

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39% of Computer Users Curse at their PCs, Avira Study Uncovers
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