3 Things Microsoft Can Tell About You by Looking at Your Face
Article by George Norman
On 24 Feb 2016
When you look at someone’s face, your brain analyzes all the little details, gathering information that might come in handy. You’ll be able to estimate that person’s age, identify the mood they’re in, and even see if they resemble a famous celebrity or not.

Microsoft, by using facial recognition technology, can do the same. Just give it a picture to analyze and it will tell you…


1. How old you are

About a year ago, Microsoft rolled out How-Old.net, a website that detects gender and estimates age in digital images. Just give it a picture, wait for it to be analyzed, and see how old Microsoft thinks you are.

Hey! Last time you told me I was 27. What gives?

Have Microsoft estimate your age on How-Old.net.

2. What dog breed you resemble

Earlier this month, Microsoft rolled out What-Dog.net, a website that works much the same as How-old.net. The difference is that it doesn’t focus on age, it focuses on dog breeds. Give it a photo of a dog, and it will identify its breed. Give it a photo of your face, and it will tell you what dog breed you resemble.

I don’t know about courageous, but I do like to think I am pretty intelligent.

Get Microsoft to tell you what dog breed your face looks like on What-Dog.net.

Or you could get the Fetch app from Apple’s App Store and use it for the same effect.

3. If you have a celebrity doppelganger

Search for Academy Awards on Bing and Microsoft’s search engine will bring up a special prompt that invites you to check out a list of nominees and predictions, like the prediction that Leo DiCaprio will win his first Oscar at the 88th Academy Awards.

It will also invite you to try CelebsLike.Me, a website that analyzes your face and tells you what celebrity you look like. Not just any celebrity, a celebrity that was nominated for an Oscar.

We’re basically twins. Right?

Find your celebrity look-alike on CelebsLike.Me.

Honorable mention – TwinsOrNot.net

TwinsOrNot.net aims to answer the question “are you twins?” Load a couple of photos and TwinsOrNot.net will analyze them. Once the analysis completes, the website will tell you how much the people in the two photos resemble. Like this.

What do you mean overrated? But you just told me...

See if you’re twins with someone on TwinsOrNot.net.

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3 Things Microsoft Can Tell About You by Looking at Your Face
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