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Laptop Hunter Ad Campaign Round 4: A Swing and a Miss
Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone v. 1.1 Available for Download
Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) Publicly Available for Download
Google Latitudes Rolls Out New Apps: Google Public Location Badge and Google Talk Location Status
Changes and Enhancements in Windows 7 Release Candidate
Windows Marketplace for Mobile: These Apps Are Not Allowed
Google Reader with more Social Networking Friendly Commenting Option
Microsoft Responds to Comments on Vine Societal Networking
Windows 7 XP Mode Not Supported by All Processors
OpenOffice 3.1 Final Available for Download
Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Goals for Windows 7 RC: Reliability and Telemetry
Migrate from XP to Windows 7 with USMT
Windows Explorer, A Security Vulnerability in Windows 7 RC
Microsoft Wants Seadragon Mobile in Windows Mobile 7
Google Chrome 1.0 Update Patches 2 Security Flaws, Adds New Features
Rumor Mill: Mac OS X 10.5.7 this Friday
Download Links and Activation Keys for Windows 7 RC and Windows Server 2008 R2 Release Candidate
Download Linux Mint 7 Codename Gloria Release Candidate 1 (RC1)
App Store to Change Its Admission Standards once iPhone OS 3.0 with Parental Controls Drops
Windows Virtual PC Beta with XP Mode in Windows 7 Release Candidate
Update for IE8 in Windows 7 RC Fixes Tab Hanging Issues
Microsoft Announces Windows Storage Server 2008 RTM
Preview Release of Moonlight 2.0, Silverlight for Linux
Automated Installation Kit and Remote Server Administration Tools for Win7 RC
Facebook App for Windows Mobile Soon, Features Detailed Now
Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 Release Candidate
YouTube Profiles Merge with Google Accounts
Weave Sync: Enhanced Identity Recognition in Firefox
Microsoft Enhances Windows Easy Transfer for Windows 7
Hello Cupcake: Android 1.5 OTA Updates Are Official
Photosynth Gets Integrated in Virtual Earth, Microsoft Announced
Intego Rolls Out VirusBarrier X5 10.5.8 Update
Open Source Vbootkit 2.0 Attack Tool for Windows 7
New in Google Friend Connect: Comment Translation Gadget
Apple to Developers: Submitted Apps Must Work with iPhone OS 3.0
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta Tests Your PC/Win7 Compatibility
Phoenix Freeze: Bluetooth Proximity Lock Software for Your PC
Windows Activation Technologies Anti-piracy Feature in Windows 7
Multiple Webmail Accounts Login Functionality in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)
Microsoft May 09 Patch Tuesday: One Security Bulletin
Gmail Goes Down, Google Chrome Runs Out of Bandwidth
Desktop Firefox Add-on: Manage Your Bookmarks Like You Do Desktop Items
Screenshot Tour of Internet Explorer 8 Setup Process
Windows 7 Release Candidate: First Bug,Test Updates
Vuze To Go: Portable Version of Vuze Released
Prism 1.0 Beta with Standalone Site Rolled Out by Mozilla
Windows 7 Retail Box Images Leaked, Believed to Be Fakes
AVG 8.5 for Linux: Updated and Improved Antimalware Solution for Linux
Everything Linux Founder Dies in Tragic Home Accident
Microsoft Officially Announces Windows 7 Release Date, Sort Of
Microsoft Touts Windows Server 2008 R2 Features: File Classification Infrastructure and Hyper-V
Apple iPhones: Making a Difference in College and on Battlefields
Zune Pass More Affordable than iTunes, According to Microsoft
Office 2010 News: Dedicated Blog, Tech Preview Registration
Windows Marketplace for Mobile: Developers Register Now
Facebook Chat Gets Enhanced Friends List, Popup Alerts
Geneva Identity Server Beta 2 Released by Microsoft
Google Earth 5.0 Gets Updated, Drops Beta Title
Adobe Releases Security Patch for Acrobat, Reader
The Dangers of Getting a Pirated Version of Win7 RC: Trojans, Botnets
Exchange Server 2007 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) Coming Soon
Apple Releases: Mac OS X 10.5.7, Mac OS X 10.4 Security Update, Safari 4 Beta Update, Safari 3.2.3
Software Piracy Rates Increase Worldwide, Study Finds
3 New Get a Mac Ads: No Viruses, No Crashing, No Headaches
Google's Bandwidth Problems Over, Devs Get Chrome Update
Update Available for the Final and Official Facebook App for Windows Mobile
Microsoft Top Brass Talks Windows 7 RTM
Google Searchology 2009 Event: Rich Snippets, Google Squared, Google Sky Map
Google Refreshes Webmaster Tools
Our Favorite Media Players: VLC 1.0 RC1 (Release Candidate)
Migration from Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail to Gmail Made Easy
Minutes Please: Control How Much Time You Spend Online
WhosHere Social Networking iPhone App Gets Jerk Filter
Search Friendly Firefox Add-ons: Search Site, KwiClick
Money Saving iPhone App Developed by Heroes' Matt Parkman: Yowza!
New in Google Calendar: Tasks
WWDC 2009: No Steve Jobs, No Snow Leopard Release
The New, Enhanced by The Linux Foundation
Chrome Beta Update Goes Live, Google Goes Down
Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone: Sign-in Issues and Fixes
Enhancements and Changes Made to Google News and Google Search
Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope Muslim Edition (ME) Becomes Sabily 9.04
WeFi for Android Free Download
IE8 Multilingual User Interface (MUI) Packs for XP and Windows Server 2003
Changes in Office 2010: Groove Becomes SharePoint Workspace
Usability Scenarios for Microsoft Vine
Mozilla Announces Firefox 3.5 RC1 Imminent Release
Introducing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Alpha and Ubuntu One
Keyboard Shortcut Use in Yahoo! Mail Encouraged
Google Squared Site Up, Not Yet Running
Firefox 3.5, Codename Shiretoko, to Have New Logo
Firefox for Windows Mobile 6 Milestone Release: Fennec Alpha 1
Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Goes Live
Office 2010 Technical Preview Available for Download via Torrent Sites
Vista SP2: RTM DVD ISO, Installation Issues
Personas 1.3: Updated Free Firefox Skins from Mozilla
Windows Mobile 6.5: OS Is Done, App Sharing Is an Option
Laptop Hunters Round 5: Mother and Daughter Get a Dell
Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 and .NET Framework 4.0 Beta 1 Released
Googling Google: Android 1.5 Update Postponed, Google News Outage
iPhone 3.0 News: Push Notification Testing Kicks Off, Hardware Issues Frowned Upon
New Offering from Napster: Subscription Price Cutback, Free Music Downloads
Security Software: Panda Global Protection 2010 Beta Testing, Kaspersky Cripples XP Mode in Win7
Facebook App Released by Creative Commons
Principles of the Law of Software Contracts: It's what Brings Linux and Microsoft Together
Adium Updates: 1.3.4 Stable, 1.4 Beta
New Get a Mac Web Banner Touts Customer Satisfaction
Shocking News from Apple: Earbuds will Zap You, Apps Contain Easter Eggs, OS 3.0 Detailed Spec
Linux Mint 7 Stable Testing Phase Begins
Microsoft Security: IIS Vulnerability, Leaked Office 2010 Tech Preview Infected
Microsoft My Phone: Beta Testing Available for Everyone
New Labs Feature for Gmail: Automatic Email Translation
Google Improves and Refreshes Services: Reader, Search Suggest, Google Sites, Earth Outreach
Weird Wednesday: Klingon Anti-virus from Sophos
Yahoo! Team Ditches Smartphone Messenger Version in Favor of YM or iPhone
Netflix Integration in Windows Media Center
New in Flock 2.5: Facebook Chat, Twitter Search, FlockCast
Exploit for 6-months Old Mac OS X Vulnerability in the Wild
Mozilla Labs Introduces Jetpack
BizTalk Server Best Practices Analyzer 1.2 and Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 CTP
YouTube and Facebook Enhance Online Content Sharing Functionality
Vista SP2 Coming Soon, Microsoft Again Announces
AVG LinkScanner: Real-time Online Protection for Free
New in Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone: Speak to Search
Windows 7: More Features than XP and Vista, New Logo
Major Cybersecurity Groups Launch Chain of Trust Initiative
Google Announces PowerMeter Gadget's First Partners
New Labs Feature for Gmail: Inbox Preview
Faster and Stable Chrome 2.0, Sharper Google Logos
Security Initiative: Adobe Mimics Microsoft's Patch Tuesday Program
Social Networking Enhancements to Google Friend Connect and Google Reader
Software Testing: Firefox 3.5 RC Test Day, Linux Mint 7 Final ETA
Firefox Add-on Blends Google and Wolfram Alpha Search Functionality
Microsoft Nuisances and Annoyances: Live Messenger, WinMo, Product Expiration and More
US T-Mobile G1 Users, Get Android 1.5 Cupcake Manually
Google Experiments with V8 in Chrome 2.0 Beta
Microsoft Removes Running App Limitation in Windows 7 Starter
Yahoo! Messenger a Hit with iPhone Users, a Problem for Macs
New Yorker June Cover Drawn Using Only the Brushes iPhone App
Windows 7 Pricing to Be Announced Next Month
Microsoft Corrects Erroneous Info: Windows 7 Beta Bi-hourly Shutdowns Not this June
MacSpeech Dictate: Your Mac Writes what You Speak
Vista SP2 Available Today, Automatic Updates By the End of the Month
Free Panda Internet Security 2009 Courtesy of Microsoft
The Pope on Facebook via H2Onews iPhone App
Microsoft Translator Update: Language Autodetect, Enhanced Translation Capabilities
RunPee: Useful Web Services for the Moviegoer
MessageLabs Intelligence Report for May 2009 from Symantec
System Center Operation Manager 2007 R2 is Now RTM
Yahoo! Introduces New Creative Commons License Filter for Image Search
Google Reader Gadget for Google Desktop
McAfee Report: The Most Dangerous Search Terms on the Web
Dev Channel Update: Chrome 3.0 with Video Tag Support
Sporting Good News from Yahoo! and Google
Skype 4.1 Beta for Windows with Screen Sharing Feature
Mobile Web Browsers: Skyfire 1.0 for WinMo and Symbian
Windows 7 RC and Windows Server 2008 R2 RC: System Update Readiness Tool
Potential New Look for Opera 10
Download Linux Mint 7 Gloria Final
Download Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 SP2 Standalone Package and DVD ISO
Google I/O 2009: HTML 5, Web Elements, App Engine, Google Earth, Android Hardware
Understanding Parental Controls Changes in Windows 7
Play Games Right in Google Talk
Windows 7 Speech and Touch: Speech Recognition Profile Tool CTP and Microsoft Touch Pack for Win7
Startstruck Microsoft Gives Wonderwall New Celebrifeed
Microsoft Bing: Decision Engine Not Search Engine
Palm Pre Mimics iPhone, Syncs with iTunes
New Adobe Online Service: Presentations
QuickTime Vulnerability in DirectShow Discovered, Microsoft Announced
Google Wave: Gmail on Speed with Extra Features
Bing Maps and Bing Maps for Enterprise, Formerly Live Search Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth
Hulu Desktop App for Windows and Mac OS X
All Browsers Are Faster in Windows 7 RC, Except for Apple's Safari 4 Beta
Instant Messaging Banned by Google and AOL, Not Just Microsoft
A Closer Look at Search in Yahoo! Mail: Search within Attachments
Mozilla Wants You to Help with Ubiquity 0.5
Yahoo! 360 To Shut Down Next Month, Make Room for Yahoo! Profiles
Windows 7 Starter Is Limited, But Runs More than 3 Apps Simultaneously
Upgrading to Linux Mint 7 Gloria, a How-to Guide
Firefox Personas: Enriching the Artist Experience
Office 2007 Support Added to Google Docs
Mozilla to Users: Are You As Fast as Firefox 3.5?
Microsoft Unveils Project Natal: Play Xbox Games with No Controller
YouTube XL: Watch Videos on Large Screens
Opera 10 Beta 1 Released with Plenty of Goodies
Microsoft Announces Official Windows 7 Release Date
Microsoft Offers Free TechNet Plus Subscriptions
Extended Language Support for IE8 and Windows Vista
Online Security: Google Top 10 Malware Sites, McAfee Spam and Browser Attacks Report
Create and Share Windows 7 Themes
iGoogle Showcase: Get a Celebrity's iGoogle Homepage
Firefox 3.5 RC: Release Delayed, New Friday Test Day
Yahoo! Mail Enhancements: Sort by Contacts and Connections
Get Your Own Email Address
Windows Mobile 6.5 Developer Tool Kit Is Out, Time to Work on those Widgets
Google Squared Site Is Up and Running
Useful Web Services for the Moviegoer: Movie Stinger
Microsoft's Decision Engine and Everything in-BINGtween
Google Love for Firefox, Videos, and Locations
Yahoo! Mail Enhanced with New Apps
Apple 2009 WWDC: Details on iPhone OS 3.0 and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Safari 4: With No Beta Tag Comes Plenty of Speed
Download Opera Mobile 9.7 Beta
Not Recommended for Download: Chrome for Mac and Linux
Mozilla Announces Firefox 3.5 Preview Version and Personas' Incredible Success
Download Linux Mint 7 x64 RC1
Windows 7 Upgrade Pricing and Box Art
Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook
Google Translator Toolkit Adds Human Touch to Google Translate
Option to Build Custom Firefox Versions Announced by Mozilla
Final Version of Google Quick Search Box for Macs
Updated Wolfram Alpha Computational Knowledge Engine
Vanity URLs Coming to Facebook
MobileMe Has New Find My iPhone Feature
Do More with Microsoft's Vine Societal Networking
The Need to Upgrade: Yahoo! Retires Yahoo! Messenger 6 through 7.5
Chrome 2.0 Update Fixes WebKit Security Problems
Gmail for iPhone and Android Update: Auto-Complete Speed Boost, Keyboard Shortcuts
Trillian Astra Beta Becomes Publicly Available for Download
Dev Channel Update: Chrome 3.0 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
Webmaster Tools Redesign Feedback and Google's Response
Add-on Collections for Mozilla Firefox
Trend Micro to Parents: Ensure Your Child's Online Safety this Summer
Microsoft Money Discontinued
Internet Explorer 8 Helps Microsoft Feed American Children
Global Project: Have Fun with the Chrome Icon
Microsoft Morro Free Security Coming Soon
Bing Decision Engine Now with Microsoft Translator Instant Answers
Jetpack 0.2: A Major Update from Mozilla Labs
Skype for Palm Pre: Possible, Not Doable for Now
Chrome 3.0 Annoys, Opera Teases
Project Natal for Non-Gamers Says Microsoft
Linux First to Support USB 3.0
Firefox 3.0.11 Update Makes the Browser Safer and More Stable
Safari 4 A Multimillion Download Success, Not As Successful as Firefox 3.0.11
How Microsoft Enhanced IE8 Smart Address Bar: Performance and Control Moves out of Beta, Announces New Tables
Microsoft Bing with Enhanced SafeSearch and Large Sitemaps Support
Vanity URLs Make Facebook More Popular than Ever
YouTube: Cache Videos, Share them on Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader
Nuisance Warning: Windows 7 Beta Expiration and Bi-Hourly Shutdowns
Apple Patches Months Old Java Vulnerability in Mac OS X
Opera Reinvents the Web Just as Promised, Launches Opera Unite
New in Google Maps for Android: Search by Voice, Transit and Walking Directions, Enhanced Google Latitude
Swahili Facebook Version Available
iPhone OS 3.0: Tap Tap Revenge with Push Notification
iPhone Only: Wolfram Alpha and iGoogle for iPhone
About:me Extension for Firefox 3.6 Detailed, Prototype Available for Download
Mozilla to Users: Help Us and Help Others
Snow Leopard Up-to-Date Program: Buy Now, Upgrade Later
Apple Doesn't Like Palm Pre, Microsoft Doesn't Like the iPhone
Microsoft Goes Green with Windows 7 Reloaded
Firefox 3.5 RC1 for Beta Testers Now, Public Firefox 3.5 RC1 this Friday
iPhone OS 3.0: Long List of New Features and Security Fixes
iPhone OS 3.0 Update Frenzy: Safari 4.0.1, Bluetooth Firmware Update 2.0 and iTunes
Feature Rich Yahoo! Mail Experiencing Performance Problems
MessageLabs Instant Messaging Security Service from Symantec
Trillian for iPhone Enters Beta Testing
Microsoft Really Does Not Drop Background Limitation in Windows 7 Starter
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Media Player in Windows 7
Windows Live Messenger: Vista SP2 Issues as 10th Anniversary Approaches
Extend Firefox Contest: Win a MacBook Pro with Firefox Add-on Collections
Photobucket: Silverlight Powered Visual Search Feature, Windows Live Messenger Integration
Morro Free Security Software becomes Microsoft Security Essentials, Beta Available on June 23rd
Songbird 1.2 with New Features Available for Download
Adobe and Microsoft Security Pairing Detailed
Persian Language Support Added to Google Translate and Facebook
What's Keeping YouTube Busy these Days: Quite a Lot
Microsoft's Browser Comparison Chart and Related IE8 News
Expanding the Yahoo! Mobile Experience and Enhancing Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone
Windows 7 Downgrade Gives Windows XP a New Lease at Life
Waiting for RC1: Mozilla-Infectious Artful Collaboration, New Firefox 3.5 Icon
The Big Google-Related News Roundup
Firefox 3.5 RC2 Public Preview Release for Beta Testers
Prepare for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2: Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 4.0 Beta
Boingo Brings WiFi Internet Connectivity to Android
Yahoo! Messenger 9.0: Installation Options You Need to Know About
Helping You Discover Destinations: What's Here in Google Maps
Bing Downloader: Easily Download the Bing Wallpaper You Like
Video Content Coming Soon to Wikipedia
Microsoft: BlueTrack Technology Is Perfect for Netbooks, Here's the New Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000
Women Are More Security Oriented than Men, Study Finds
First Round of Push Notification Enabled IM Apps: AIM and Beejive
The New Yahoo! Toolbar: Works with Firefox, Not with Windows 7
Google Technology Identifies Landmarks, Google News Searches by Author
New from Mozilla: Thunderbird 2.0 Update, Mike Beltzner Showcases Firefox 3.5 New Features
Coming to a Smartphone Near You: Adobe Flash Player 10 Beta
Help Your Fellow Man: Google Launches New All for Good Service
Chrome 2.0 Stable and Beta Update Fixes Critical Securit Issue
Windows 7 Security: Avira Is Up for the Job
iPhone OS 3.0 Helps You Catch Thieves, Ward Off Dogs
iPhone OS 3.0: Feature Rich, But Not for all iPhone Models
As Bing Decision Engine Grows, Microsoft Showcases More Features
Pilot Launch Announcements: Yahoo! My Display Ads
MacBook Pro and iMac Firmware Updates
Windows 7 Upgrade Program for PC Makers Detailed
June Deep Zoom Composer Preview Released
Jajah IP Telephony Platform: 1 Billionth Call Goes to Yahoo! Messenger
Adobe Shockwave Player Critical Vulnerability Addressed
Microsoft Security Essentials Beta Goes Live, Downloads Limited

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