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What Social Networks Do Teens Prefer? Not Facebook!
Unleash Your Inner Star Wars Geek, Check out The Force Awakens Trailer!
5 Reasons a Cheap Android Is Better than an Expensive Flagship
Find Your Lost Android Phone without Installing a Tracking or Security App
5 Interesting Facts about Google Photos, Which Is Now Used by Millions
3 Tools to Help Boost Your Writing, Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes
5 Ways to Justify Paying $10 a Month for YouTube Red
3 'From Instagram' Apps that Complement the Official App
A Look at the 6 Iconic Star Wars Characters from the Battlefront Shooter
5 Expert Security Measures That You Should Follow
Uncover the 4 New Ways Skype Helps You Communicate with Ease
3 Free AVG Tools to Clean Your PC, Protect it Against Threats
3 Data Recovery Tools That Will Restore Deleted or Lost Files for Free
Forgot Your WiFi Password? Here Are 3 Ways How to Get it Back!
Can't Delete A File? Try These 3 Methods!
3 Reasons You Need a VPN, 5 Awesome VPNs You Should Definitely Get
Samsung Unveils the Enormous Galaxy View Tablet, the Largest Android Mobile Device on the Market
Frightgeist Presents 2015's Most Popular Halloween Costume Searches
Follow these 5 Safety Tips to Protect Your Child on YouTube
Say Goodbye to the Beautifully Designed Sunrise Calendar App
Microsoft Drastically Cuts OneDrive Storage Plans, Punishes Every Cloud User
Top 3 Easiest Ways to Access the Windows Task Manager
Remove Spots, Blemishes and Other Imperfections by Using these 3 Online Image Editors
Understand the Top 3 New Features Mozilla Baked into Firefox 42
Top 3 Security Tools Sophos Offers for Free to Home Users
5 Fun Facts about Online Dating, 5 Security Tips for Online Daters
3 Cool New Features Await, Go Get the New Flickr for iOS 9
3 Things You Didn't Know About How Huge Samsung Really Is
Drunk Tweeting Gets Adele Banned from Posting Tweets Herself
Free Avira Antivirus Solutions to Protect Your PC, Mac and Android
Activision Blizzard Studios Will Turn Iconic Games into TV and Film Series
Get a New Samsung Galaxy and Enjoy A Year of Amazon Prime for Free
Want to Get the Super-sized iPad Pro? Here's What You Need to Know!
The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts You'll Need to Get Things Done Faster
Can't Think of An Excuse? These 3 Websites Can Help!
Apple's First 3 Android Apps Focus on Switching to iOS, Beats Speakers, and Music
Kaspersky Virus Scanner for Mac Finds and Removes Malware Threats
Top 7 Web Browsers for iOS (Safari Not Included)
7 Fun Videos that Present Every Primary Ability for Fallout 4's SPECIAL
3 Sneaky Ways to Cheat in Fallout 4
Which Generation Takes The Most Selfies? This Infographic Has the Answer!
7 Amazing Facts You Should Know About YouTube
7 Mind-blowing Stats and Facts about Smartphones
Top 3 Most Outstanding Google Doodles of All Time
Top 3 Ways You'll Shatter Your Phone's Screen (Infographic)
The 13 Most Notorious Computer Viruses in History (Infographic)
Adorable Pooch Stars in Trend Micro's Family PAWtector Series
Here's How to Limit Your Browsing Breaks to 5 Minutes
Top 3 Security Tools Comodo Offers to Windows Users for Free
AppComparison Presents Windows Phone Alternatives to Your Favorite Android Apps
BullGuard Drops Prices by 70% for Black Friday, Get Internet Security Really Cheap
10 Ideas for Useful Tech Gifts Under $100
Need a Cheap, Internet-enabled Phone? Try the New Nokia 230!
The 12 Benefits of Playing Games at the Office (Infographic)
'Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes' Is a Fun and Strategy-Rich Collectible Character RPG
20+ Things You Should Know About Star Wars (Infographic, Stats, News)
Uncover This Year's Most Popular Thanksgiving Google Searches
Top 5 Firefox Features I'm Most Thankful For
Top 12 Best Firefox Add-ons of the Year
Top Searches of the Year on Bing
This Year's Top Searches on Yahoo!
Have Fun All Month Long on Google's Santa Tracker
The Year's Most Popular Android Apps on Google Play
Google Presents the Best Android Games of 2015
Can Your PC Run The Games You Want to Play? Here's How to Find Out!
8 Useful Apps that Got the Axe, Will be Sorely Missed
The First Official Fallout 4 Patch Is Out. Here's What It Fixes.
Avira Vault for iOS Helps You Lock Away Your Private Pics, Videos, and More
8 Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Christmas Gifts (Infographic)
Focus by Firefox Can Boost Page Load Speed, Reduce Data Usage, and Block Trackers
5 Examples of Apple Blatantly Ripping You Off
YouTube Rewind 2015: Top 10 Trending, Music Videos, Ads of the Year
Apple Gives the iPhone App of the Year Award to...
Apple Unveils the Best iOS Games of the Year
How to Spot an Online Dating Chatbot (Infographic)
The Most Popular Global Topics on Facebook this 2015 (Infographic)
Facebook's 2015 Game of the Year Is...
Want to Keep Your Free OneDrive Cloud Storage? Here's How!
Unravel Is an Inspiring New Game with an Adorable Hero
Fight Like a Star Wars Jedi with Google's Crazy Chrome Experiment
22 Famous Faces Recreated in Fallout 4
These are the Most Popular Google Searches of 2015
Which Star Wars Character Are You? Find Out with Spotify!
If the World Ends, What Happens to the Internet? (Infographic)
Kaspersky Shows How Quickly Your Password Will Break, In A Fun Way
Samsung Highlights Its Top Moments of 2015 (Infographic)
Microsoft Has an Android App That Tells You about All Its Other Android Apps
Gamer Sues Bethesda, Claiming Fallout 4 Is Too Addictive
Here's How Dirty Your Keyboard Gets and How to Clean it Properly (Infographic)
3 Christmas Screensavers to Help You Get into the Holiday Spirit
Android Is the Top Mobile OS in the US, Not iOS
You Never Knew Santa Claus Is This Busy (Infographic)
Top 3 Reasons to Use Private Browsing
Pleading in Favor of Samsung's Huge Galaxy View (Infographic)
Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year to All FindMySoft Readers
For an Immersive Experience, You Need Samsung's Gear VR (Infographic)
Avast Wi-Fi Finder Is for Android Users Who Need a Fast, Free and Secure Internet Connection
Microsoft Has a Free, iOS-only App that Makes Your Selfies Look Better
The Most Useful One-Key YouTube Shortcuts You Have to Know About
See an Inspiring Image and the Weather Forecast on Chrome's New Tab Page
Windows 10 is Microsoft's Fastest Growing OS, Now Being Used on More than 200 Million Devices
11 Best Media Players for Windows (Also Free)
Quickly Find Out Who Likes Your Instagram Pics the Most
Effortlessly Remove Software Applications with these 5 Free Uninstallers
Is Netflix Available in Your Country? It Is Now!
The First Details About Linux Mint 18 Emerge. It Will Be Called...
Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's Galaxy TabPro S with Windows 10
Will You Play Far Cry Primal Or Watch from the Sidelines? Here Are the Game's PC Specs!
Top 3 Best Features of the New G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse
Top 10 Most Amusing Google Search Easter Eggs
Your Wallet is Oculus Rift Ready, How About Your PC? This Tool Has the Answer!
22 Exciting Games We Can't Wait to Play in 2016
You're Not Mistaken, More People Browse on Mobiles than Desktops (Infographic)
These Obscure but Well-Paid Jobs Are Just as Ridiculous as You Wanting to Be a Pro Gamer
100 Million Broadcasts Later, Periscope Gets Integrated into Twitter
11 Less-known but Immensely Useful Websites Any Movie Fan Should Know About
What Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg and Other Famous People Do in the Morning (Infographic)
The 10 Most Useful 'OK Google' Voice Commands You Have to Try
D.I.C.E. Awards 2016: The Game of the Year Nominees Are...
Robots Won't Take Over the World, but They Might Take Your Job (Infographic)
You Think Your Apps Are Safe, but in Fact They Really Aren't (Infographic)
These 5 Mods Make Fallout 4 Look Better than Real Life (Almost)
These 10 Products Are So Offensive that Amazon Had to Ban Them
Here Are the Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All-Time (And they're All Music Videos)
WhatsApp Drops Subscription Fee, Promises to Stay Ad-free
7 Amazing Stats and Facts You Must Know about Periscope
10 Incredible Facts about Wikipedia, the World's Online Encyclopedia
5 Hidden VLC Features Too Awesome to Remain Unknown
Leave them Speechless by Using These 7 Time-saving Microsoft Excel Tricks (Infographic)
Science Shows that Internet Trolls are Sadistic Bastards (Video)
Surprisingly, Facebook Is Not the Most Popular Way to Waste Time at Work (Infographic)
Top 3 Things You Didn't Know Speccy Can Do
Are You Ready for the Super Bowl? Facebook and YouTube Sure Are!
3 Microsoft Garage Projects that Aim to Make You Smile
Loop YouTube Videos in 3 Easy Steps, No Software Required
3 Dumb Reasons Why I Love Google's New Weather Card
The Only Software Company to Make the 'Top 25 Most Liked Super Bowl Ads' Is...
Show Off Your Fallout 4 Settlement and Win a Modded PC Worth $2,500
7 Annoying Things Android Users Are Tired of Hearing
Everything You Need To Know About DDoS Attacks (Infographic and Video)
Chelsea Handler's Excuse-Generating 'Gotta Go!' App Helps You Avoid Awkward Situations
Microsoft's Selfie App for iOS Hits 500K Downloads, Gets Much-requested Sharing Feature
Top 3 Most Interesting Facts We've Learned from Apple's Q1 2016 Results
11 Crucial Skills You Have to Master If You Want a Web Developer Job (Infographic)
Top 3 Reasons Why Your PC Is Slow as a Snail (and Software to Help Fix It)
19 Months In, Google's Simple Cardboard Viewer Is Immensely Popular (Infographic)
5 Funny Firefox Easter Eggs You Have to Try
Top 3 Reasons Why it Sucks to Netflix outside the US
Top 3 Most Important Details about the Thieves Guild DLC for Elder Scrolls Online
How the iPhone Camera Evolved, From the Original to the Latest iPhone (Infographic)
Dad Disciplines Kid by Taking iPhone Away, Lands in Jail
New Fallout 4 Patch Intros Visual Enhancements, Fixes a Long List of Issues
Don't Waste Time Waiting in the Airport, Use These Tips to Stay Productive (Infographic)
Microsoft Knows Who'll Win the Super Bowl, Shares Great Ways to Get Ready for Game Day
Free Android Apps Answer 3 Burning Questions about the Super Bowl
Get 'NFS Most Wanted' for Free, Get a Great Deal on the New 'Need for Speed'
Useful As it May Be, Technology Is Ruining Your Mind (Infographic)
The Supervillain Potential of Modern Technology (Infographic)
How to Adjust the Volume and Mute Individual Applications
12 years, 12 Memorable Facts about Facebook
Don't Ignore Your Email Signature, Here Are 7 Simple Steps to Make it Great (Infographic)
Mozilla Will Release Firefox 50 By Year's End, According to this Schedule
All the Fascinating Facts You Need to Know about Ad Blocking (Infographic)
Happy Lunar New Year! Microsoft, Valve Find Fun Ways to Celebrate It
10 Geeky Valentine's Day Cards You're Sure to Love
4 Fun Videos Explain Why You Need Samsung SmartThings In Your Life
Complete a Quick Security Checkup, Get 2GB of Free Google Drive Space
You're in a Lousy Mood Because Your Monitor, Mobile Screen Are Too Bright (Infographic)
Panda Security's Tips for Safer Internet Day
7 New Video Games You Can Play This Month (February 2016)
How You Initiate a Date Affects How Much You Spend (Infographic)
10 Fun Facts You Should Know About Flickr
The Surprising Reasons Why People Hack Facebook Accounts (Infographic)
Skype Intros Exclusive Love-inspired Mojis feat. Music by Paul McCartney
'Be My Valentine' Update for GTA Online Features Vintage Cars, Attire, Weapons
Chinese Firms Offer to Buy Browser Maker Opera! What Does this Mean for You?
'Need for Speed' Reboot Coming to PCs this March
The Votes Are In and the Top 5 Super Bowl Ads Are...
Top 3 Most Annoying Things Every Gamer Is Tired of Hearing
Everything You Need to Know about Microsoft's Premium Design Lumia 650
Apple Lied To You, Mac Malware Is Real and It's Evolving (Infographic)
3 Exciting Fallout 4 Expansions Are on Their Way
What Can You Get for $5 or Less? These 3 Surprising Items!
Top 3 Security Utilities ESET Offers for Free
Money-saving Tips Every Online Shopper Should Know (Infographic)
Gmailify: Gmail's Top-Notch Spam Protection, No Gmail Address Required
With so Many Apps Out There, How Do You Get Yours to Stand Out? (Infographic)
Bing Predicts an Oscar Win for Leo, 'The Revenant' and Inarritu
All the Important Details You Must Know about the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
Top 5 Questions about Linux Mint Getting Hacked
Fallout 4 Scores Triple Win at D.I.C.E. Awards 2016
Five Security Tools that F-Secure Offers for Free
Apart from .COM, There's a Surprising Amount of Domain Endings (Infographic)
The 4 Awesome Things That Kaspersky's Free 'Cleaner' Tool Can Do
10 Interesting Facts about the 'Telegram' Messaging App
3 Things Microsoft Can Tell About You by Looking at Your Face
Roku Disagrees with Bing, Says Leo Won't Win an Oscar (Infographic)
Facebook's 6 New 'Reactions' Are Now Globally Available
5 Video Games that Are Headed to the Big Screen This Year
The 3 New Assassin's Creed Games Released during Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Hiatus
7 Features that Make the New Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Perfect for Gaming
10 Video Game Anniversaries that Will Make You Feel Old
The Things Your Smartphone Can Do Are Worth Millions (If this Was 1985)
Everything You Need to Know About Digital Eye Strain and Protecting Your Eyes (Infographic)
5 Free Tools to Help You Customize the Right Click Context Menu
Why We're Stuck Waiting for Self-driving Cars to Hit the Market (Infographic)
Microsoft Cancels 'Fable Legends', Says It Wants to Close Lionhead Studios
7 Interesting Stats You Must Know about Dropbox
By Natively Blocking Ads, Opera Offers a Significantly Faster Browsing Experience
Samsung Has a Long History of TV Firsts (Infographic & Video)
5 Recent Tech News that Will Make You Smile
Stop Android Apps from Auto-updating: A Visual How-to Guide
3 Handy Tools Offered by Security Company Malwarebytes for Free
Hoping you'll ditch Evernote, Microsoft releases 'OneNote Importer' tool
3 Famous Original Logos You Forgot All About
We Have a Release Date and Official Trailer for Automatron, Fallout 4's First DLC
A Look at the Fascinating Things a Modern Smart Home Can Do (Infographic)
Skype for Web Gets 4 New Features that Are Actually Very Useful
You Can Finally Get f.lux for Android (But there's a Catch)
Getting Hacked Can Get Pretty Expensive (Infographic)
Show Off Your NFS Driving Skills and Win a Powerful Gaming PC
Oculus Rift Games: 30 Titles on Day One, 100 More Later this Year
7 Apps that Empower Kids & Parents in the Fight against Bullying (Infographic)
6 Useful Apps that Got the Axe, Will Be Seen No More
39 Interesting Uber Facts You'll be Glad You Uncovered (Infographic)
10 Years, 10 Interesting Facts about Twitter
Is It Better to Sit or Stand when Using a Computer? (Infographic)
Top 7 Most Important Announcements from Apple's March Event
Best 3 Things You Can Do with Avira's New AppLock+ for Android
How to Spot and Avoid a Costly Tax Scam (Infographic)
4 Things Apple Did Not Tell You About the iPhone SE
Top 3 Reasons Not to Offer Tech Support to Family and Friends
Move the Dropbox Folder to a New Location: A Visual How-to Guide
How Technology May Change the Way We Date by 2040 (Infographic)
This Is Logitech's Best Gaming Mouse to Date: the G900 Chaos Spectrum
Automatically Turn Off the Monitor after Locking Your PC (with this Free Tool)
Play the Original Rayman Game on Your iPhone or Android (No Ads, No In-app Purchases)
Without Space Travel, We Would Not Have all This Cool Modern Tech (Infographic)
5 Ways Landlines Were Better than Today's Modern Smartphones
Feature Spotlight: Quick Dial on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
3 Free and Useful Tools from Security Company Trend Micro
3 Easy Ways to Reset Firefox to Its Default Settings
The 3 Main Types of Social Engineering Attacks (Infographic)
Explore Bruce Wayne's Lake House and Batman's Batcave with Google Maps
5 Alternatives to the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Device
This Smartphone Is So Incredibly Tough You Can Hammer Nails with It (Video)
Miitomo, Nintendo's First Smartphone App, Is Finally Launching in the US
Bitdefender Released a Free Anti-Ransomware Tool for Windows
You Have Just One Chance to Make a Great Digital First Impression (Infographic)
The 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Kaspersky's New Ad-Blocking iPhone App
There's a New VPN Tool You Should Know About: Avira Phantom VPN
Since it's World Backup Day, I Have to Ask: How Much do You Know about Data Loss? (Infographic)
10 Silly Tech Pranks to Pull on April Fools' Day
How Google Made Us Laugh on April Fools' Day 2016
The Funny Pranks Tech Companies Pulled on April Fools' 2016
Instead of Wasting Your Valuable Time, Use these 8 Time-saving Excel Shortcuts (Infographic)
Mozilla Explains Why Encryption Matters Using Thought-Provoking Videos
Microsoft Starts Selling the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, A Sleek 2-in-1 that Runs Windows 10
The 10 Ways Fallout 4's 'Survival Mode' Makes Your Life a Living Hell
Follow these Photography Tips & Tricks to Get More Likes (Infographic)
Watch the iPhone SE Get Dropped, Dunked, Tumbled and Bent (Video)
7 Reasons Why the Always On Display (AOD) Feature Won't Drain Your Galaxy's Battery
Second Fallout 4 Add-on, Wasteland Workshop, Lets You Capture and Tame Wild Creatures
Fun Hidden Camera Video Shows How Mad Geo-Blocking Really Is
4 New Video Games You Can Play This Month (April 2016)
WhatsApp Adds End-to-End Encryption! What Does that Mean for You?
Everything You Need to Know about the Redesigned HP Spectre, the World's Thinnest Laptop
Best Believe Ubuntu Is Used by A LOT of People around the World (Infographic)
The Week's Top 10 Haha and WTF Tech News (week starting Apr 4)
Why Would You Pay $10 a Month for SoundCloud Go? Here are 3 Reasons!
The 10 Games that Made the Biggest Splash on YouTube Gaming Last Month (March 2016)
All 20 Stock HTC 10 Wallpapers Leaked Online And Here They Are
Top 10 Best Features Coming to the Next Major Windows 10 Update
The 8 New Videos Apple Released to Drum Up Hype for the Apple Watch
3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Curved Monitor (preferably a Samsung)
You're Pronouncing Adobe (and other Brand Names) Incorrectly
Everything You Need to Know about the New HTC 10 Smartphone
Understand the HTTP Error Messages You Frequently Run Into
Come to the Dark Side and Uncover Everything You Didn't Know about the Dark Web (Infographic)
These Tools Can Help, If You Want to Be Less of a Jerk Online
10 Awesome Gadgets You Never Knew You Wanted
The Week's Top 10 Haha and WTF Tech News (week starting Apr 11)
HTC's Boost+ App Rolls Out to Everyone, Here are the Best Things You Can Do with It
Two Thrilling First-Person Shooters You Can Play For Free, This Weekend Only
6 Useful Products that Got the Axe, Will Be Sorely Missed
5 Ways the Free Windows 10 OS Makes Microsoft Money
Follow this Flowchart to Uncover How Stressed You Are (Infographic)
10 Reasons to Start Using Opera on your Desktop and Mobile Today
5 Reasons Why You Should Give Dropbox Some of Your Money
Apple Intros New Rose Gold MacBook, Samsung Responds with Pink Gold Galaxy S7
The 21 Types of People that Will Drive You Crazy at the Airport (Infographic)
Samsung's Safety Screen App Protects Your Eyes, Prevents Vision Damage
Efficient and Simple Trick to Speed Up Your Android: Disable Animations
To Celebrate Chrome's 50th Release, Google Presented These Amazing Stats (Infographic)
Opera Scores another Desktop First, Integrates a Free, Unlimited VPN into Its Browser
Can Your PC Handle Mirror's Edge Catalyst? Find Out Right Now!
The Week's Top 10 Haha and WTF News (week starting April 18)
Which Game of Thrones Character Are You? Spotify Helps You Find Your Match!
10 Cognitive Biases You Need to Consider Before Making Any Decision (Infographic)
One More Fun Video App to Keep Kids Entertained (and Out of Your Hair)

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