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Monitor folder size and receive alerts about changes with View Folder Size Pro.
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 1.86 KB
05 Sep 2012
ViewFolderSize helps you to view folder sizes directly in the Windows Explorer.
License: Shareware
Size: 0.62 KB
05 Sep 2012
With View Folder Size you will always know the size of all of your folders.
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 0.98 KB
05 Sep 2012
A Java/.NET GUI frontend for Tesseract OCR engine. Supports optical character recognition for Vietnamese and other languages supported by Tesseract.
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 22937.6 MB
29 Nov 2018
An easy to use utility that allows you to change most display settings interactively, or via shortcuts
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 328 KB
07 Feb 2013
Video to Flash Converter Pro is an easy-to-use application that will allow you to convert various video formats and DVDs
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 12.42 MB
09 Mar 2012
Convert videos with Video Converter Expert - MP4 converter, Video to MP3 converter e.t.c. with many features!
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 0 KB
27 Sep 2018
Use the ViceVersa Pro tool on Windows-powered machines to compare, replicate, sync, and back up files.
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: KB
24 Jun 2019
Android Mobile Manager is a powerful management software, which helps users completely control Android smart phone on computer.
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 8.69 MB
03 Jun 2015
VertrigoServ can prove to be a very useful tool for developers and programmers. It is a complete development and server
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 40.07 MB
03 May 2018
Venmon is a compact size system monitoring utility for Windows.
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 404 KB
18 Oct 2018
Velocity gives your Windows desktop offline access to over 150 API documentation sets
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 48.61 MB
03 Aug 2017
The Ultimate PC Remote Control
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 42.05 MB
03 Nov 2017
Using Vectir, you will be able to control your computer using any regular infrared remote or mobile phone connected to
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 42.06 MB
03 Nov 2017
Computers are devices that combine and replace the functionality of several devices. If you have a computer, you don’t need
License: Shareware
Size: 8.48 MB
07 Aug 2011
An easy to use conversion tool
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 903 KB
22 May 2014
Filter Web/Internet and block undesired programs, freeze Desktop
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 13.35 MB
23 Apr 2012
USB hardware key SDK
License: Demo (Free to try)
Size: 1.74 MB
17 Oct 2012
USBsyncer is capable of backing up, moving or synchronizing files between a computer and a removable drive, such as a
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 9.24 MB
17 Oct 2012
USBlyzer captures and decodes a USB device's sent and received information. It can retrieve data from USB storage drives, host
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 3.83 MB
24 Mar 2014
With USBee, you can access your plugged in USB drives fast and see their free space just by looking at
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 2.86 MB
22 Oct 2013
Scan and Clean infected Flashdrive from all the garbage and Viruses. Recover and Format USB Drive. Download it now, it's
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 0 KB
07 May 2018
USB System Lock (USL) puts a key on your USB stick. When you take out the stick and launch USL,
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 983 KB
30 Apr 2013
With USB Monitor Pro, you can analyze incoming and outgoing data, on one or more USB devices. You just need
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 8499.21 MB
26 Sep 2016
Advanced USB Port Monitor is USB bus, USB device and protocol analyzer software.
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 18.85 MB
13 Feb 2019
You can use USB Disabler Pro to block access to USB flash drives. The application can block individual USB drives,
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 2.05 MB
07 Oct 2013
The USB Device Tree Viewer, short UsbTreeView is based upon the Microsoft "USBView" sample application found in the Windows Driver
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: KB
10 Jun 2019
USB Analyzer is an easy to use USB Data Monitor for Windows. It offers simple, yet complete view for monitoring
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 10137.6 MB
29 May 2017
USB Alert is a tool for disconnecting any USB device from the computer, working much better than the Safely Remove
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 0 KB
10 Apr 2012
USB Redirector allows resolving all your tasks occured while using remote USB devices very quickly.
License: Time-limited trial (Free to try)
Size: 8294.4 MB
04 May 2016
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