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The Magic Mouse Trail tool is a simple but also beautiful extension or alternative to the standard Windows mouse tracks
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 0 KB
12 Jul 2019
The Magic Swf2Avi application allows you to convert Flash SWF files to AVI and other video formats, like WMV, MKC,
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 5.54 MB
29 Nov 2012
Make funny card of virtual 3D stereograph for your friends!
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 1.99 MB
27 Feb 2013
Lunacy is a native Windows app that works offline and supports .sketch files. We mean it; it’s not JavaScript wrapped
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 11.43 MB
14 May 2019
You can easily protect your albums with a password, extract photo, organize pictures by date and name, add descriptions and
License: Time-limited trial (Free to try)
Size: 3.7 MB
29 Mar 2012
The Best Game Capture Software For Free!
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 71.26 MB
10 Oct 2016
You can get stared from scratch and use this application’s editing functions to create a logo. Or you could select
License: Demo (Free to try)
Size: 33996.81 MB
31 Aug 2016
If you’re bored with the default Windows logon screen and you want to change it to something else, the Stardock-developed
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 1 MB
20 Sep 2012
Logo Design Studio is packed with pre-designed logos and objects targeting a variety of industries and interests, so it is
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 28.1 MB
29 Jul 2016
If you’re a student, engineer , or constructor, you need to take a look at Logic Minimizer. This is a
License: Time-limited trial (Free to try)
Size: 6.8 MB
13 May 2013
With Logic Circuit, you can wire numerous components together, use splitters and more. You can simulate your circuit and interact
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 883 MB
17 Oct 2014
You’re well advised to get the LiteCAD 2D cad program if you need an efficient, versatile drafting application to use
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 1.8 MB
04 Jun 2013
A user friendly, feature rich multimedia authoring & presentation
License: Shareware
Size: 36.3 MB
29 Jun 2011
A complete computer aided design program
License: Demo (Free to try)
Size: 1.6 MB
02 Jul 2011
Lightscreen is a simple and free tool that you can use to take screenshots. The screenshots will be automatically named
License: Freeware (Free to try)
Size: 7.13 MB
20 Dec 2016
LibreCAD is a fully comprehensive 2D CAD application that you can download and install for free.
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 26.58 MB
06 Feb 2018
Design virtual models you can build with LEGO® bricks
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 42.24 MB
19 Feb 2018
LEGO Digital Designer allows you to build LEGO models in a 3D environment. It gives you access to a huge
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 278 MB
06 Feb 2018
With LayoutEditor installed on your desktop computer you will be able to easily create and easily edit designs for MEMS
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 138.55 MB
26 May 2017
LASTAR is a batch (non-interactive) audio processor for loudness adjustment and file splitting of a batch of audio recordings, using
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 18.85 MB
20 Nov 2018
LaserGRBL is one of the best Windows GCode streamer for DIY Laser Engraver. LaserGRBL is able to load and stream
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 1.34 MB
21 Mar 2019
Delaunay triangulation and break-lines to create, edit and draw contour lines
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 7.9 MB
28 Jun 2011
This tool lets you generate normal maps for 2D textures, with little effort.
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 16.41 MB
29 May 2019
With this application installed on your Windows PC you will be able to very easily create good looking labels. Label
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 17.3 MB
14 Jun 2013
KoffeePhoto is an easy and free photo storing and photo sharing solution.
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 1.9 MB
29 Feb 2012
Kindlian is a cool add-on for your Kindle. It's a Windows app that allows to manage Kindle books and collections.
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 18.13 MB
27 Mar 2018
KeyShot is the fastest and easiest to use 3D rendering software available. In just a few steps you can create
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 508928 MB
03 Feb 2016
Kate's Video Toolkit is all in one solution to all your video needs.
License: Shareware (Free to try)
Size: 10.08 MB
21 Mar 2012
Build your own kaleidoscope with one picture. View a dynamic kaleidoscope by moving your mouse.
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 5.94 MB
21 Jan 2015
All-in-one Prototyping Tool for web and mobile apps
License: Freeware (Free)
Size: 281.48 MB
19 Jun 2018
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